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Dear Gentlemen

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Dear Gentlemen,

Little did you know the enormous gratitude I have for those who have and are supporting me during this time. So many of the Gentlemen I know are such caring, hard working, generous souls.

During this year so many of you have faced so many issues from family being afar, troubles in your home countries, employment issues and some have been bosses who have been up late hours of the night dealing with the grief of having to lay off staff. Yes actual grief.

Never think its easy on your employers, as so many men i know who have been in this position are devastated having someone else's life in their hands.

It has been a hell of a year, for most of you who know me and live in QLD i have had a chance too touch base with personally in regards to what is going on with me. Although, I still have many making remarks in regards to my change of plans, funnily enough these people do not actually know me or very well.

if you follow me you are probably aware i had every intention of retiring this year, initially delayed by some unexpected expenses now delayed due to CV19.

As some 'lovely' messengers have been clear too point out this is not the retiring too have a family like I had hoped. See I am a odd woman, I am marrying for love and nothing less but that takes work yes, and everyone has been implicated by this virus one way or another. Is it still happening yes, when? I do not know, you tell me when a vaccine will be available and it will be feasible to obtain working visas in foreign countries during a pandemic?

Or better yet pay for a one way private flight for me and my pets and we will be on that real life magic carpet asap.

Yes, I was leaving, but like many others my visa and relocation plans changed and I have no intentions of retiring in this country. Why? It's a great country yes. But this is not where I belong and i have always felt this way and I like many have family overseas I want to be with. Here the cost of living as a independent woman is huge. I like a nice home on my own and enjoy the lifestyle I lead that is relatively safe in a pandemic. I see things differently here now and in honesty while I understand this lifestyle is yearned for by plenty I was raised here and seek things with more tradition and culture for when I have my own family.

Long stroy short I do not really owe any explanation too men whom I do not know and those who do know me are fairly aware I do not want to settle in this country. I find it a little unsettling for people too comment on these things particularly in a pandemic. Millions of people have lost employment or like in my case up-coming visa and employment offers. Many women I know who were planning on leaving the industry has had their plans changed, this is not an ideal time for anyone- 2020 has pretty much been a year I think we all wish we could erase.

Let's try and focus on the positive.

Today is another day I am healthy, alive, in my beautiful home with my pets. My international family are healthy ~although situations are not ideal and I would love too be with them I am asthmatic and had meningitis in the past making me high risk. But I am here, well and have all I need. Sadly something a lot of people do not have.

Its not ideal but I am optimistic that at some point soon I will have my job and visa sorted again. Although that may not be until Dec/ Jan or even later, I'm not giving up on my dreams, and neither should you what ever they may be.

Until then I will keep on going, saving money and praying my loved ones are healthy and safe and I can safely join them soon. I am a real person and do have feelings and real life problems too, but it is a sensitive natured industry so it is sometimes difficult to share enough without sharing too much.


I am great at what I do, I meet with truly fantastic caring gentlemen whom I enjoy my time with. They appreciate me and in return I appreciate them.

We are all facing so much right now and I know sometimes you may make presumptions about women in the adult industry as sometimes we probably do come across in certain ways. Its sensitive times in the world, its hard to know what too say~ there is so much happening, locally and globally.

So many things impact me more than what people who have never met me would know about, I try my hardest not too bring up these matters not because I don't care. Actually quiet the opposite. I find myself so saddened by the news and world events lately I choose to try not too post about them on media too much as I know you too are pr

obably watching news, reading endless tweets and headlines. Its hard not to talk about this in our meets as our lives have all changed i need to get CV19 questionnaires filled in electronically prior too our meets and all of our lives have changed so much.

​I am not oblivious too what is happening and I am doing all I can too try give you an escape from reality for a short time.. Because I know you probably just like me have had your world flipped upside down, have enough too worry and stress about and just want me to turn your frown upside down and melt your tension away.

on that note, I hope you had a fabulous day and if not better ones come your way.

Enough sad posts from me or those acknowledging those whom that do not read~ a side note tomorrow I will finally be scheduling time too take you all some selfies i will be putting in my members only area. Also by Friday afternoon i will have my continuation of my Sexy Day Spa Date post uploaded to start to tease you more, a must read if you like erotic writings. Spa Dates are pretty amazing and this one well amazing.

Keep Smiling

and too all the amazing Gentlemen I have spent time with so far this year and after the pandemic began in particular thank-you for being so generous and caring of me xo.

Hugs and Kisses

Armarni B xoxo

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