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CV19 and Escorts, What will change??

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Dear Gentlemen, acquainted and un-acquainted I am hoping you are well and healthy.

Sadly the world situation seems to be worsening day by day. I am making this post to simply address how the current events caused by COVID-19 is impacting me personally, business wise and also addressing measures I will be taking personally and within business meetings to limit contracting the virus and help reduce potential spreading of virus.

I know many of my cared for and known gentlemen are experiencing much stress with family and loved ones afar. My deepest sympathies to you and I hope for speedy recoveries of those whom may be affected.

Personally in this country I live alone, am not within contact of family and due to being fairly 'unique' within Queensland I feel alienated in public and as i don't like being stared at i tend to be introverted when in AUS anyway. My studies I do online and at home as most of my linguistics studies are not based here. I'm investing in home gym equipment and some more entertainment outlets. I do not go clubbing or to huge public events so I will not be greatly impacted by that. I will be staying put in Australia during this time also staying within my base of Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

On the positive studies here I come and possibly I may for once be upto date with Netflix and movies that I can never converse about.

Business wise,

I see some are offering discounts, I will not be. However I have introduced Netflix dates as I am aware some boring times could be on the horizon for the nation.

I will be further limiting who I see in the upcoming weeks. I have been asked if that will be determined by nationality. The answer Definitely not. I am unaware why some people think that the virus is only contracted and spread by certain nationalities or demographics. Look around its everywhere now rich, poor, working class it doesn't discriminate. It further angers me in regards to the racism I see in this country and even globally. We are humans and let's face it we will as general public never know the truth of how this started and the clear intentions of the virus.

Something I do ask is full transparency. If you are feeling unwell inform and re-schedule. If you have started to feel unwell after a booking inform. It is a virus it is not your fault if you contract it ensure to inform all of those you have been in contact with during the time of which could be contracted. That will be vital to limiting spreading. This includes your contact with Service Providers please acknowledge our importance to know too.

Will I cease working?

Currently I do not predict closing business and I already do only see a few gentlemen a week mainly regulars as I prefer quality over quantity.

However during peak times of the virus I will be limiting my Availability to gentlemen I already have established business relations and friendships with as I will be relying on transparency and honesty. I believe my known and regular Gentlemen would inform me of any changes to their health and also inform me of recent updates. As I do not have any family members near by who are vulnerable during this time and I am relatively healthy (chronic asthma especially in spring though) I will be available and updating on any changes.

During this time any of those I do meet who require non sms communications I will be asking for a contact email address that I will be using to communicate if anything should change. I will be asking for this email address and sending a email from my discreet business email accpunt prior to booking and asking for a response to ensure there is no junk mail mix up. If I was to need to update of conditions it would be done in that way for those who need discreet communications opposed to SMS.


I am always a Listerine girl, I have alchohol and alchohol free option but I am opting for alchohol. I provide detol hand wash, and hand sanitizer. There is no guarante

e of course but I do hope and believe these measures will help limit the chances of contracting and spreading. The gentlemen I spend time with do tend to have rigours hygine practices normally and I believe this will only increase.

Is there a risk in booking?

There is going to be a risk in every scenario for the next few months unless a miracle occurs. Getting groceries, going to doctors, walking down the street. Everything is going to have a risk. Of course those with poor health, and within a at risk demographic of fatality I do recommend to abide by medical advice given and any advice in self isolating.

In this line of work there is always risk, as I provide all safe services I limit many risks incurred in this business but of course risks are never completely eliminated without living in a bubble. I do believe this work increases our immune system as thankfully I have not even been hindered with a cold since starting this work over 4 years ago.

Prior to commencing in this industry I would get pneumonia every year. In summer. This work has actually helped my body in so many ways and made me stronger in both mind and emotion as well. Every year flu season poses a risk, by not seeing symptomatic persons I have always maintained luck in that department however with the no symptoms phase it is of course a higher risk with COVID-19.

Communication will be key during this time, longer dates favoured and of course they will be dates in.

During the phase where I am still taking applications from new suitors prebookings will be required as well as deposits.

Prebookings will ALWAYS be required for incalls existing clients or not as due to a predicted decrease in same day demand I will be only coming to Brisbane for Incalls via Prebooking, a deposit and also booking minimum will be applicable.

Outcall short notice may be available for regular Gentlemen. Un-acquainted gentlemen will be required to provide some notice, a introduction and follow my email communications test or confirm it will be suitable to discreetly inform via sms if any changes occur that require notification. As well as agree to inform myself if any changes occur with their health or possible transmission due to close contact with a person possesing recent positive result. This will help ensure that a clear communication between my close circle is kept and I hope will ensure the trust of those I spend my time with to be taking this seriously and applying all preventative measures possible.

I am also doing naughty prepaid phone time and also prepaid phone companionship for those who want to debrief and need a friendly ear. As I like to keep some things private just for the bedroom and well known suitors they are strictly voice call or sexting only, I'm modest in my private life and prefer to keep my online nudity to a minimum as my discretion is extremely important too me.


I cannot stress enough those who are listening please be kind in this time, think of those around you- some at risk demographic will not have people able to pick up supplies for them and may be concerned. Be kind to people as always we never know what they are going through and with this becoming so wide spread alot of people will be personally affected by this situation and kindness and equality is needed now more than ever. A virus does not racially, demographically or professionally discriminate. Neither should we.

Stay safe, stay informed, follow advice that is relevant to you and your families.

But also continue to live your life as this may be a lengthy journey.

Hugs & Kisses

Armarni B xx

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