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Booty, Bubbles & Passion

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

A story about moments with one of my favourite gentlemen of all time. One of those men who ooze class even when casual, that have business manners & ettiquet- presentation & the ability to make all women's pussy's wet.

He always sets the mood, everything is always comfortable, dim lighting, music in the back ground & comfortable surroundings.

I had been seeing him for a while now and he had the nature to unravel a part of me that I would keep tucked away, the ability to make me crave.

It had been a while due too lockdowns & in honesty I couldn't wait too be in his place, with my pants down grinding my wet Pussy in his hard penis teasing with my panties on while kissing his neck. Feeling his hands press firmly on my hips making me rock backwards & forwards as he longs too push it inside.

The sexual tension & longing so much before the temptation would take control.

My pussy was wet, waiting getting ready. I wanted to draw it out without giving into the tension so quickly. I text 'it's cold run a spa for tonight'. Thinking it could keep me contained & enable me too take it more slowly, it had been a whike & he is definitely well endowed.

I arrive and as always I cannot wait to take off my 'civilian clothes' I stand before him & de robe, wearing Crutchless black panties & my see through nude, black & red bra. I could feel how wet I was with anticipation seeing his hard penis outlined in his sweat pants begging for me to touch it. I finally kissed him as he derobbed & hopped into the warm spa, I joined in my lingerie.

It had been so long since I felt the skin to skin contact of a man, so long since I felt the stiffness of a thick erect penis pressed against me and the sensation of lips pressed to mine. Such a long time, I couldn't resist the urge to let our bodies collide.

I sat on his lap pressing my bests too his chest as I kissed his neck and felt his hands reaching caressing every part of my body. His lips connected with mine, the kissing became so passionate as the steam from the water made our skin perspire. I could feel my body starting to react to the sensation of his hard penis pressing firmly on my clit.

His hands taking control of the motions, sliding my hips back and forth as the jets & bubbles surrounded us.

The kissing became more passionate & I couldn't help but to let out a moan as my body began to shake longing for him to be inside me.

He pulled aside the sheer lining covering my erect nipples and sucked my nipples firmly as he massaged my breasts with one hand and continued to guide me with the other rubbing his hard cock on my wet Pussy.

My clit was so swollen & sensitive as I could feel my lips trembling & thighs shaking. His breath moved too my neck as he kissed my neck passionately & pushed his hips up & pushed the tip of his penis into my tight wet Pussy.

My body shaking begging for more as it was so thick I could feel him stretching my Pussy. It had been months since I had anything inside my Pussy.

Rocking back & forwards he slowly edged more inside making my Pussy contract in pleasure.

He kissed me passionately as he pulled me down further pressing his hard cock deep inside my wet pussy. I could feel my Pussy contracting trying to milk his cock as I began moving faster & faster. My legs were shaking as I orgasmed so strongly I couldn't hold myself up. His penis was just so thick that with every thrust I could feel the urge too cum & clench onto his cock.

The sweat was beading off both our faces as he helped me up & directed me too his bed. I later on my back as he pushed my calves onto his shoulders and rubbed his thick cock on the outside of my wet Pussy teasing my swollen clit. He bit his lip as he teased my Pussy putting the head in and slowly taking it out, again putting just the head in and taking it out, then pushing deeply into me , going slowly and long letting my Pussy contract & massage his cock.

Naturally my hips started to rock faster & faster as I came again his facial expression telling me he was ready to Cum too.

My body could feel it moving down his shaft as it got even thicker & harder inside of me before he went so hard & fast moaning & cumming as my Pussy gripped his cock tighter & tighter.

Soaking wet, with bubbles everywhere.

For a moment we did nothing but lay there.

If you enjoyed this read give it a like, also check the category of Erotic stories in my blog, read about the night I got all oiled up & the time I was seduced & sexed up in the Day spa in the Erotic Spa tales.

An erotic story by

Armarni Bulkani

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