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Blowing Out the Candles

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Well I am soon to be another year older. 26... yes that's my real age.

But it's my birthday soon, so some where in this month I will be having time off. Due to world situations being not so grand currently it seems as though I will be spending my time in Australia.

So my break will probably only be a few days/ a week or so.

I am getting older but I am one of those girls, that guys that went to high school with me nearly die ( I have actually had a few book me and well they had no idea lol) I look alot better than I did when I was younger and in honesty I get better every year. My mother was the same, when a teen appeared older as a woman she was called a milf by pretty much every guy at my school lol (i hated-ed it lol).

So in someways I guess I am lucky and I seem to be coming more into my own each year and developing in ways that attract all that I wish to attract (totally just winked and chuckled while writing that) again if you know me you know.. wink ;) ...

But I will be changing my age on all my platforms to 26 over the next few weeks.

I've had a few gentlemen wishing to beem me gifts please see my website for my email address for prezze e gift vouchers or send me a Twitter dm, sms or email for my beem it handle ~ I do believe it comes up with my phone number but I do try to keep this discreet as I know some gentlemen don't want renown SW details in their beem it address book as it's a handy app and my handle does not contain my name for that reason- no need to hide address book and posting the handle would defeat the purpose of not having my name.

If you don't know what Beem it is Google it and set it up for your next encounter sure saves going to cardless cash deposit machines because I ask for deposit from all new clients and most return also to ensure my incall expenses are covered and so I don't deal with fake bookings as well as help ensure my safety on outcalls. I treat all incall bookings like tours as I never host from home and i drive 2+ hours and pay money to host not to mention check in and packing...

Again gifts are alwa

ys thoughtful and cute but not necessary just please remember I really do not like gifts of jewelry as written on my website.

If your getting me flowers I am starting my herb garden again and also love African daisies, lavender, Jasmine I prefer living flowers that I can plant or I like colourful happy arrangements.

For all those gentlemen who have already beemed me a birthday gift thankyou 😍 so appreciated I will save it or use it wisely.

Again I am going to be spending more time in Aus than expected now most of my FM2Y bookings pre September have been cancelled and i will not be booking flights or accepting deposits for international dates until further notice... big sad face 😣. Was really looking forward to accompanying a few gentlemen on their holidays too places i have not been.


Hopefully the calendars and world events align soon xoxo.

Be safe and I hope your week is treating you well so far.

Hugs and kisses

Armarni B xx

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