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We Have a Date!

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Dear Gentlemen,

Finally Queensland has announced we can legally work again from the 10th of July with the easing of border restrictions.

Road trips to each others bedrooms? Lol I actually cannot believe how much I have missed some of you all, it has been a crazy time. Who would have thought all of our get outdoors and get active adds on television would turn into hide at home inside ads and fights in the supermarket country wide for toilet paper. Its been a stressful time too though, for businesses, families and especially those with loved ones overseas, I share the stress with you. 

But now here we are pretty blessed, and we can enjoy our simple freedoms again.

Gentlemen I am yet too meet-

COVID19 online form still needs to be filled out for the foreseeable future- its private and secure- just simply like the questions your asked everywhere, and also confirms discreet contact methods that I can reach you if I needed and acknowledgement that you will provide any relevant information if necessary. It also prevents me from having to ask you these odd questions when you arrive and are likely distracted by what is behind the door :P - the world has become wacky. 

My contact form is a must now, its simple- it has all the questions I would simply copy and paste to you. So please fill it out prior to SMSing me. 24 hours notice minimum unless you see a pretty little available now sticker on my profile. But even then I work between Sunshine Coast/ Brisbane and Northern Gold Coast. 

Depending on Restrictions I will be Releasing One day tours for sometime in  Septemeber- Hervey Bay, Bundaberg will be on my list. All bookings require pre-booking and deposits I will not be doing last minute bookings. Gold Coast I will be rele

asing EOI for dates after School Holiday's as I have some personal plans and will have a few hours free before I head home. 

Sydney, New Castle, Byron- etc I will be available for pre-booked lengthier dates dates from July 10th unless Queensland premier retracts the dates. 

I will be getting photo shoots done every 2 month or so so ideas and Lingerie Vouchers are appreciated greatly... The hardest thing is finding something I like as well as trying to not have to pay money to a company that I cannot stand how it treats their staff (honestly I read their employee handbook and they may aswell be getting the girls to be instagram influencer's, hostesses and also strippers on a retail wages.

but i just do not agree with it)... But lingerie... yes and don't even get me started on finding clothes to fit my butt... honestly its like they make clothes with a kangaroo pouch for women when I buy clothes that fit my bum and my legs I could fit my head in the stomach area- haha you don't want to see my wardrobe tantrums lol. 

As most of you know I'm miss no skin showing in public but I do like to be naughty and wear tight fitting clothes- haha, So my shoot options can be some

what limited I do always look better nude or in silk sheets. 

I hope your all having a Great weekend! Me I am preparing the last bit of my paperwork side of things and getting excited for my re-launch.

hugs and kisses

Armarni Bulkani


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