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First Time Seeing an Escort Advice

The nerves, they are generally there even for the most confident of men. Some gentlemen whom have even seen escorts before still get nervous before meeting someone new, so being nervous is completely normal & most escorts will perfectly understand that you are nervous. What I am writing about today is some small tips on how to make your time more enjoyable based on my observances over the past few years.

Ice Breaker

Be upfront and honest with your escort- if this is your first time seeing an escort, if you haven't had sex before, if your nervous meeting someone new- whatever your nervous about it is generally easier too get it off your chest. Make sure you communicate this politely and in an a appropriate manner.

For example " Hi my name is Greg, I am interested in seeing you ....evening in .... . I am interested in spending 2 hours with you. I am a little nervous but excited. I read your website & am ready to pay deposit and do any screening. Looking forward to hearing from you, Greg"

Now, Greg is clearly a good man, any good, decent man who believes escorts deserve the right to feel safe at work so he is happy to screen & pay deposits. I personally have my methods & will not under any circumstances see a man without a deposit as It's a nice feeling to not be so worried. If you read my why escorts Screen & get deposits Blog you will get a little more insight without me stating too much.

Slow Down...

Seriously, you need to calm down and slow down. I highly recommend booking longer dates or extended bedroom time as so many men worry about the clock.

If you think about the clock it will be your enemy.

You will find many escorts offer a Dinner/ Social & bedroom dates, the rates end up a little more cost effective opposed to extending.

Another positive too this is the fact that you will have that social time too build some trust, too have that dedicated talk time enabling you to become more relaxed with your escort and allows the bedroom time to flow more 'naturally' meaning like a date- if this is your first time with an escort this is probably the first time you have had sex with a woman you have barely spoken a word too. The date just enables a more sensual, flow of the date. You do need to communicate with your escort what your truly seeking from your time together also. If your really looking forward to socializing, sharing a meal, shower for two, body rub, something 'kinky' etc you need to communicate.

You will find many gentlemen have set expectations of what they are after & unfortunately we are not mind readers. If you approach respectfully most escorts are extremely easy to talk to. Example, I am actually hilarious, I may seem hard to approach or 'fussy' I just wont have my time wasted & well if you prove your not doing that by paying deposits & reading prior to contacting you will see I am really nice, I just have little patience for people who have no manners.

But save everyone the stress of you freaking yourself out about the clock- bare minimum booking for first time should be a 1.5 hour, even then most find 2 hours perfect, and if you do have fun more quickly another stress of men, there is time too try again. Just do not be one of those guys asking for things like MSOG in 30 mins- I just straight out block that disrespectful stuff- at the end of the day your paying for time- anything else agreed upon is between too consenting adults.

Can't you just extend?

Personally (every escort is different) it works out less expense to book the time with me upfront- as I like a scheduled life as much as possible, your lady may also have plans already scheduled for after, or possibly only organised for the time that you have already arranged. Its generally better to book longer & if you don't need that time sexually, enjoy the company of the woman your spending your time. We are excellent listeners & good to talk to- Just remember company is our job, social time is still paid time. x


Please, do not think because you did it in the morning we will not know you didn't do it just before we met.

Brush & floss your teeth- yes those chunks of meat stuck in your teeth from lunch I know its there- I'm vegetarian, so I am sensitive too the smell of meet & just stale breath in general. Mouth wash is at incalls for a reason & I hope you have this at your home when having outcalls please use prior too kisses.

BO please understand you need to use soap- Please don't try to state you used soap and you didn't- put soap under your arms alot and scrub- legitimately before you even go to see an escort you should shower scrub with cloths/ those pouf things, soap & brush under your nails(if you expect to touch a pussy without clean nails think again), clean your ears, scub your butt (if you go to the toilet shower again.... I am rolling my eyes as Its sad I need to state this, Aus really needs bidets.) don't be that guy that doesn't clean himself properly- Clean your Penis properly- if you do not know how to do this google it if you have foreskin pull it back and clean it- I hope your cringing as much as me and understand why I am stating this because so many guys honestly don't know how to do this.

Underarms- Guys they do stink- Please use roll on straight after your shower deodorant is needed we can smell your underarms every time you move- Please, wear deodorant. the cleaner you are, the better you smell & present yourself the better your intimate time will be. That I can guarantee-

Do not put on your dirty clothes after a shower- you may not smell the stale sweat on your clothes but others can- its not a nice smell- scent and BO are 2 different things, BO is bacteria that is forming in your sweat glands- Its thicker and makes a horrible smell.

Please ensure this.

Nails should be short and filed if your expecting to be inserting fingers anywhere- you will find many girls do not enjoy this anyway as many men feel they need to be rough or that more fingers are better and that's far from true.


Do not be this guy, do not just look at pictures and stats. Read- you will find so many answers to questions on her website or profile- Creating a presence online takes time- website maintenance etc you should be able to see who is authentic and who is not. Provided you look at more than pictures and use your big head lol. Check her policies, her FAQ page, Rates etc.

All in all if you read, follow instructions and treat your meeting with an escort like your first date with a girl your really crushing on all will go well and having sufficient time relax will ensure you can relax enough to enjoy the sexual treats your looking for.

A blog By

Armarni Bulkani,

Escort & Companion

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