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Does Armarni offer Short Notice Bookings?

Armarni is rarely available short notice due to the preparation required and a preference on being more exclusive with who she engages in business with. She does not engage with men whom do not respect her enough to introduce themselves.

Organizing a date in advance is preferred and encouraged.
Short Notice bookings are not offered.

What is Armarni's INCALL availability?

Armarni does not host from her home and she is not sitting around a incall location waiting. As she does not offer short notice appointments: You need to prebook all incalls
incalls are via appointment only Incur a $150 Surcharge too be paid upon the time of booking additional too the deposit (Unless she has a Prescheduled INCALL TOUR- SEE CALANDER BELOW) -Again you must prebook & Pay a deposit for Any encounters with Armarni. 1 hour Minimum booking 8 hours notice Minimum ​Armarni is an independent escort you deal with her directly, She does not answer enquirers while with company so prebooking is necessary. Online Booking system can be used too arange the date/ time of meeting- However Armarni Makes contact to collect fee's & Deposits too confirm your meeting.

OUTCALL availability?

Outcalls are Armarni's preferred booking type- as with all bookings advance booking and deposit is required. Armarni Travels between Norther Gold Coast and Noosa Heads for prebooked outcalls so timing is extremely important.

However all screening and deposits must be completed promptly as Armarni will not rush and prefers advance booking for first time dates. A minimum of 6 hours notice Is preferred- Please use the online Booking System to schedule a date and Armarni will contact you to provide details for deposit and collect your address. Alternatively complete here Contact Form
and Armarni will contact you too organize your Required date.

For Same Day Bookings with less than 6 hours notice a $100 surcharge is applicable. This is too encourage planning as Rushing is an inconvenience.

Deposits- Do I have too? How do I do that? Also what Options are there?.

Beem it- Is a safe, convenient and Reliable app that is instant between all AUS banks free, takes aprox 5 mins to set up, ran by the big 4 AUS banks and best of all keeps or detail private & shows up as beem it credit or debit on your bank statement- many people use this app to pay money too friends, split dinner bills and even to transfer between their own accounts- excellent app

0 Paper unless you print a receipt you go to a smart ATM of my Bank (provided on application) enter the details I tell you and your reference code, put the cash into the machine and it will be availbale in my account intantly. No paper trail for you- Instant and secured for me. 0 Excuses for deposits as no deposit= no booking.

Armarni is 'Fussy' she will not bother with incorrect methods of contact or improper business etiquette think of your initial contact with a companion as that with a potential business partner- If your seeking Success in the Bedroom a level of respect must be obtained.

You are not an exception to the rule, if your seeking a booking you need to pre-book & Deposit like everyone else-
If your just seeking a sexual release opposed to a proper connective and engaging time possibly someone else would be better suited.
Armarni does not do back to back appointments therefor does not offer short notice- her evening is planned by 12 noon.

When Are You Touring/ Hosting???

Glad you asked- on this page you will see an events Calander- it contains dates that I am planning to come to certain towns/cities pending deposits and currently CV19 restrictions. I will be updating tours on here regularly & Confirming & Collecting Depsoits about 2 weeks out from most dates. Local Hosting Brisbane/ Sunshine Coast will depend on the amount of prebookings I obtain as too whether it is worth my while too host an actual tour. Alternatively I can host our incall at an upmarket hotel Apartment in Brisbane/Sunshine Coast for an additional $150 Fee as I prefer too only spend time with one Gentleman a day and will get a room just for our time together. Alternatively register your interest, and I can inform you of a date for the area & collect deposit for confirmation.

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