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Updates and Fee changes- What's Happening?

Hello, as those who I am acquainted with already know I am moving away from accepting hour appointments. This is due to being very low volume and preferring to invest my time in those whom invest theirs in me. I really have a preference of 2hr+ appointments. My passion is dates, overnights and weekends away this is due to my desire to create extremely strong connections and bonds.

I seek to engage a person on every level and when there is a constant thought of a ticking clock by those I am with it is more difficult. For me having this level of connection and bond with those I am intimate with really is a lot more strenuous emotionally, mentally and spiritually - however I love this. This is what I love about my career the honesty, the connectivity the vulnerability and ability to be the person someone can really open up to. But of course I need to ensure I replenish myself in order to always be at my best for those whom invest their time, money and efforts into spending quality time with me.

For this to be financially feasible, my desire to see one person (max 2 couple) in a day I really need to ensure I am maximising on my time investment. For me I am not wanting to put my hour fee at a crazy rate, I am instead wishing to eventually drop it and only offer longer encounters because as much as it is important for me to maximise my earning potential, it is important for me to have those connections and those bonds because that is what keeps this career enjoyable for me. Time is an investment for me, during recent times I was reminded how short life is and for me I do not seek to invest my time in one off encounters I truly want to develop long lasting friendships and relationships with my lovers.

Having sex like a robot is not how I work, nor do I desire. I did my hard years and for me now

it is about working in a way that I can find enjoyable and satisfying sexually, emotionally and spiritually and for me it is about humanity, connectivity and compassion. In order for me to have that I need to be in a persons energy, in their vibes. I want to have that trust developed and chemistry where you can tell me everything truly on your mind. Share your dreams and crazy ideas and know that I genuinely care and have interest and hopes of a happy, rewarding future for you. I do not want to see people as wallets- and I have always said to men, if you do not want to be treated like a wallet do not act like it- introduce yourself, take interest in me as a person and open up to me, sex is better that way and sometimes few words are needed just comfortability and trust that has developed over time in a relationship.

Because ultimately I would prefer to have a handful of deep connective 'relationships' with those I spend intimate time, rather than multitudes of people I cannot remember a thing about other than how much they pay me. I believe in getting what you give and for me its not only giving the release that comes with easing sexual tension and frustration; it is about giving compassion, love and sympathy when it is needed. So many people are lacking those things in their lives and connectivity without the strings and expectations is what they are truly seeking not just the orgasm- that is just the bonus. So over the next few months you will notice my shift in the way I am advertising, you will notice that it will say I am 'available now' this does not mean literally now- it is simply algorithms, as are my hours of 'availability' on websites - it simply changes your positioning on searches.

My 'available now' will also most likely be at strange hours as I have many linguistic lectures at different times of the night due to different time zones. So I have a very odd sleeping schedule and as long as there is respect and an understanding of my preference as I truly only want those connective moments, if I am awake I do not mind doing outcalls at anytime. For same day Incall however I prefer during the day or early evening and please remember I do not welcome substances in my home including smoking of cigarettes. This is out of personal preference, rules and respect to others in my building, I am very respectful of others and do not compromise on those things. During outcalls I do not mind.

But as usual those who think they do not need to introduce themselves and respect my boundaries & screening methods will just be ignored- I have no desire for investing my time in people who have no respect for me.

I am slowly going back to filming in the Adult industry & getting ready to get back on my social media gains. I estimate within 4 weeks I will be ready to start collaborating with other industry peers again, for the next little while I am mainly working on developing my solo films and readjusting to being on camera. My availability for virtual services are slim, my fees have increased alot and narrowed to up to 15minutes. I am just extremely busy with endeavours outside of this business such as studies and skill development for my next side hustle which I will share at a later date.

I really hope it is understood why I am making these changes and I am sure those whom I am already acquainted with understand my need for these changes and adjustments as I truly am a very deep and passionate person whether its a raunchy PSE or a sensual GFE in everything I do I am extremely present and connected and I really just want to ensure I can always bring my best self to our meeting and make it the best experience for us Both every time.

Hugs and Kisses,

Armarni Bulkani

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