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Sunshine Coast~ I am moving.

Sunshine Coast gentlemen, ladies & couples. It is my last week being based here so if you have been wanting to see me or want to catch up before I leave get in touch 😘.

I am not going far however I will need attractive offers & plenty of notice to willingly drive through those road works 😂 honestly will that road ever be finished?

My bet is once it is done they will need to redo it and add more lanes from population increase.

I am off the the big smoke 😂 not really just little old Brisbane~ so you can always visit but I won't be touring up this way only attending worth while visits 😘

Stay safe & enjoy the Boom hope all my lovely business gentlemen get that 💸increase aswell 😘

This is why I have been a bit quiet with blogs etc been sorting all the odds & ends out.

I am a little sad too be leaving as there is a face or two in particular I will miss very much. However expansion is necessary for me also I am a little tiered of standing out so much, looking forward to less stares & more people with similar interests to me.

Hugs & Kisses

Armarni Bulkani

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