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Progression is Key 🔑

Hello, It’s been a little while since I touched base with a blog about what is happening in my life and changes that are coming to my schedule and business.

Firstly if you didn’t know already I have decided to walk away from explicit content all together- I no longer have fan sites, pornhub or focus my energy Into these things.

I believe this decision has been great for me, I am looking better than I ever have, fittest I have ever been in this industry and have had glow up after glow up. 🧿. I have also been enjoying my body more again & finding more pleasure.

My life is no longer centred around this industry, but is centred around myself and my personal growth. This trickles into my work by attracting high Quality people and work opportunities and turning away those I do not feel aligned with. When you are chasing success & constantly focus on bettering yourself you tend to attract others who are doing the same.

For me Success comes in many forms, but happiness is the ultimate display of success, if a situation or a person isn’t making me happy, I just will not give any time to those people or areas.

I am putting more time and effort into my future- Trading - my week days are scheduled to the max- as every trading day I have my exercise, yoga, meditation, journaling, charting & analysis and actually trading. I’m more of a scalper ( I do not hold for longer than a few hours) so I need to be focused and in the markets.

Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday will be completely focused during my daytime routine and evening trading routine.

I may accept a pre-booked Dinner date (must be dining out in public) on a Wednesday evening otherwise my only availability during the week will b e possibly at 12 midnight onwards for outcall only & opportunities I am really interested in only.

Friday evenings I may be available from midnight or for Pre-booked overnights.

Saturday & Sunday from 1pm onwards available via appointment (pre-bookings can be made ant anytime).


Saturday & Sunday 1pm-onwards (or prebook anytime)

Friday- Midnight onwards (or advance booked overnights)

Wednesday- Pre-booked Dinner date (out for actual dinning) only

Mon,Tues,Thurs- Probably not available- If I am 1am -5am.

As my trading gets more intense towards the end of the year, I suspect I will be available on weekends & for fun bookings/ Dinner dates out only. Life is short and I don’t want to chase money all the time but I do still hope to connect with amazing people & this job is how I do that and justify the time away from studies and the charts.

I also have a busy home life to, as yes I am a crazy cat lady and well I’m proud of that, I’m really happy with where my personal life is at the moment and I am really goal driven.

Also yes, I have lost weight, yes this was done on purpose- no I’m not ill, in fact I am healthier than I have been in years. I have had messages of people telling me not to loose more or put back on and etc, To be honest my body decisions are no longer based around this job. No longer based around what anyone else wants, because the structure of my life and what is important to me is changing. I have goals in mind for my life, which I will keep private until achieved. However yes I am aware. I think this is often a thing people forget in this occupation, we are actually human beings with a life outside of our job with goals and personal preferences. We also are able to change. I look a million times hotter than what I did when I first started so thank god we can change lol.

So besides my updates to my schedule, I will be looking at adding an Online booking system. Just to help with my office life and scheduling as I do have a lot on my schedule in the way of Study, Exercise and certain times I am glued to my computer screens trading money- plus just general life things and beauty appointments.. Not to mention my self care routine lol honestly it is crazy next level and it just gets more and more intense.

I do have another start up in the works as well as this business & my other business. Once my new start up is at its launch level I will be bringing it into the spotlight via this business. So exciting times ahead (and no you horny goats wishing me to be back in videos- it has ZERO nudity and is very different from anything I have ever done.

So while my fingers are hitting the keys and I’m watching the liquidity of NY open making my stomach curl on the charts 😂, I will be available Saturday & Sundays for overnights - Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast (pre-bookings required) or also Pre-booked Fly Me to you Overnights in Sydney & Melbourne on those days. If you have been wanting too meet me or catch up with me I recommend doing so soon. I will also be taking some time off towards the end of this year or start of next (Dates to be determined).

I have been a busy bee with meeting some amazing new people and also catching up with some old friends too. I am definately looking forward to more time with familiar faces. Those I do connect with tend to understand how hard I have been working on goals in my life so I am confident they will help my progress by scheduling our meets a little more advance.

Anyways so much to do and such little time- with time being the one thing you cannot buy I really value mine. Keep an eye out for my updates, newsletters etc. I also have so many new photos and videos coming still too. It’s just a lack of time thing.

I hope you have all been well, and are making progress in your life and goals. Very grateful for where life is & look forward to all that is coming.

Hugs & Kisses


Armarni Bulkani

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