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Progressing quickly

Things are progressing quickly, my 2 year plan is 6 months in and honestly I'm embarking on something I had no intentions of doing until December at the earliest. I'm very grateful for my progress thus far 🧿🙏.

I have decided that from here I will be limiting my availability to one Suitor or couple a week. My only day of availability will be the Saturday as the Forex markets are closed & well I try to ensure I have a full day away from the charts on the Saturday, or I start to dream of candle sticks and getting wicked out before my profit is hit (the most frustrating of things).

While I am still working towards my eventual relocation (the end of the plan) I am highly doubtful I will partake in the dating standards here & well if I don't work I just don't have sex, same as the last 8years- I'm just not someone that sees the point in it without compensation or commitment- on my part anyway lol. Although- yes, I enjoy orgasms & know how to use my body very well, I can also do it myself for myself- just it can be more entertaining to do so with 'company' sometimes lol.

As I will only be accepting applications of meetings for one person a week, I am more fussy about who I will select- I honestly haven't missed dealing with people who do not have the common sense to introduce themselves at the bare minimum & read. A lot of time and effort as well as money is spent to ensure that all information and fees are available for people to access. I no longer have the time or paitence for stupid or lazy people. Some people are simply amazing and make being Armarni so much easier- providing not only the information I ask for but more. Reading everything & respecting boundaries in place. Honestly, very grateful for people like this over the years & welcome spending time with them.

My fees have changed to reflect my more exclusive -focused approach. I am aware this will not be in many's reach, there are plenty of others who can cater for more volume & therefor offer more affordable fees or less duration. But for me this is what will work best for me at this stage & I see this industry as a luxury for most, not a necessity. Example -I save and go spend entire days at a day spa I don't just go for a facial or a massage- I prefer to take my time and do all of my favourite treatments at my favourite spas.

I know some of my friends who had seen me weekly or multiple times a week this will be out of reach & I hope its understood I am simply prioritising my mental & emotional wellbeing so I can focus on the charts and my future. I appreciate the times we have spent together but at this stage I need to make these adjustments at this present stage. I had a big wake up call when I couldn't simply walk away from this career & pursue my personal romantic life endeavours earlier this year due to not prioritising my future so not having enough faith in my trading skills. Plus wasting time & getting too tangled up in the industry. I find it too draining to be doing it on the daily & its not feasible for me to offer my time for any less.

However for a lot of my longterm friends it is simply the starting point in our evenings together- I love these long, fun type of bookings where I can just be my crazy, happy self. With changes, I also will either host from a 5 star hotel (when organised 24+hrs advance) or visit high end hotels / homes only. (I lived for years in Noosa- think along those lines). Environment is really important to me, I simply cannot create the atmosphere I intend or relax and enjoy myself in non-comfortable environments. Mess, clutter etc literally just puts me in a bad headspace. For overnights, Dinner Dates etc Social time must be included- out in public- this is why they have different fee structures to the by the hour or 4 in my case.

I am loving always having my own space completely & having more boundaries so except automated response if you don't have a complete/valid enquiry or no response at all. I believe it's just common sense & courtesy and I expect respect.

I am a night owl as usual- I trade and no matter how hard I try my favourite session is still New York, I make decisions in London & see them come to fruition in NY. So I can stay awake all night as the sober self I am. While on that subject, lately I have really started to appreciate how lucky I am for being a little crazy lol, honestly people spend so much money to get drunk or "party" to be how I am in my mind naturally, Im just happy as in my own little fairy world lol. I have never drank or partied the whole entire time I've been Armarni. Last time I did anything like that I was fresh 18. Then I just became like this haha. Blessing in disguise I guess.

But the bookings where in between our 'session' we are doing naked yoga or I'm teaching you to bellydance naked or simply making you laugh they are the sort of moments that I enjoy- It keeps life interesting and I honestly like being peoples dash of crazy. I enjoy late nights with interesting people lol.

This is just a quick post to say yes I am back now- sort of lol, just not in a way that other people are. I feel that this is a way that I can implement balance into my life. and continue to be Armarni while I am getting my Overseas plans in tack, getting my other start ups & trading off the ground. Maybe something may come up in my personal life again & I may finish off sooner than the EOFY 2024 target- I'm staying open too it. I will also be having time off for breast implants at some stage soon as well over 2 months.

But Saturday night only- A+ setups only (haha can't tell Im half on the charts right now) but seriously the way I have done this career for the past 1-2 years is very simple I only want to take the best jobs, with the best people- I only want time with people I enjoy my time. I don't have much time & I am very comfortable & grateful for that. I worked hard for many years though, sacrificed alot & this is simply me prioritising my health & happiness over money, over everything.

Just simply I'm an odd specimen lol, it took me 8years to properly pursue something romantic so I don't see me being squishy like that with anyone else anytime soon lol- but I'm aware it's becoming time for me to step away & in most ways, I already have. But if I do have something my own personal views & preferences would require me to cease this career. We are all different I guess but for me I cannot do both. I'm in the position I can, I'm just a little bored on the day I'm not allowed to play with candlesticks 🤪📊- but not bored enough for non A+ dates 🤓🤗.

Hope everyone is well & if I don't see you have a great end of year X

Hugs & kisses

Armarni Bulkani

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