• Armarni Bulkani

Like a Pornstar- L.A.P

Do you like things a little deeper? A bit more enthusiastic & adventurous? I welcome my new type of encounter 'Like a Pornstar'. In this encounter you can experience a lustful encounter with me that will be more wet and wild than you could have imagined. Do you like your Pornstars curvy, exotic with black hair, green eyes and plump lips? I think you will like this.

As always though, I prefer to be very discreet and selective so I do not provide service lists, upon meeting we can discuss things in more depth. I find the men I have the best time with go with the flow and that is how the best times are had.

One thing I do like to note, trips to Greece do require notice & I will not agree to acompany you prior to meeting. However if you're interested in taking the trip let me know with a minimum of 3 hours notice from the deposit time, that way I can be 'passport ready' and ensure I have all the supplies we will need. That way if when I arrive we both decide it is a good idea and you can afford the fares we can take an adventure to Greece. I only offer upgrades to Greece from my Like a Pornstar encounters, because well a pornstar is more fun in Greece than a Girlfriend.

Now legalities prevent me from being descriptive with you and If I need to be we are on different wave lengths anyway. I think your imagination and common sense should inform you slightly of what your in for. I am happy to cater to requests, role plays / fantasies etc in L.A.P- Just ensure you include the details, just remember I will not agree to somethings without meeting you first & do not engage in dirty messaging. That costs money honey.

I have been contemplating adding my L.A.P encounters for some time, I am always asked for them but of course people do not seem to understand the discretion & the legalities in the industry.

As always if you expect me to be wet & want you at all a decent enquiry is a must. I cannot stress enough how much first impressions matter. You must make me want to see you, manners, promptness, generosity & humbleness attract me to a man- claiming to be a rich, fit 28yr old millionaire with no manners will just make me hit mute. I have dealt with enough of those types lol. Age is not a problem with me as long as your over 18, I ask for your age for confirmation and also to help verify you.

You will notice I have gone through and done a few more updates, in regards to services and simplified my incall rates- Incalls to modern apartments outside of specifically stated Hosted Tours incur $100 surcharge- this is because I hire the room just for our appointment- some days (eg holidays/ weekends) may incur a surcharge discussed at time of arranging booking.*

I have also re-introduced Erotic Relaxation, but I have added fees that are more worthy of my time. I worked as a relaxation specialists (cannot use the M word due to legislation) in some of Australia's most renown & high end day spa's. My relaxation skills are to die for and I offer a range of erotic release. You can find these fee's in my Sunshine Coast page.

So if your after a sexy & erotic time together get in touch via SMS, WhatsApp msg or my contact form.

Hugs & Naughty Kisses

Armarni Bulkani


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