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I love being a Escort & Companion

Firstly I want to open this post by saying thank-you, too all the lovely people I have had the pleasure of spending time with. Lately I truly feel like I have started to step into where I want to be in this career, I am glad I know consciously the path I want to go down and the experiences that I seek to provide.

Many of my readers have known me or followed me for years, however here is bit of a background for those whom are new here. For many years I struggled with morality and possibly purpose in my life and career. I struggled with my beliefs and more than anything how others viewed me and what I was doing with my life. I had relationships where it was expected of me to retire from my job or guilt was laid upon me for not only doing what I do but enjoying what I do. It took a lot for me as a person to grow and develop to show my face and not care what people think, to acknowledge I do not wish to retire-.

If I won lotto tomorrow I would still continue in this career (I would have a lot more money to invest in myself and make things a lot more 'fancy' lol) but I would still be Armarni Bulkani, my career is a lot more to me than a job, it is my sex life, social life and something I enjoy doing.

I had to really think about this lately and I do not want to give up my 'clients' who I refer to most often as my "lovers" and some they are in my own special way my "boyfriends", because I would miss them. Some of my lovers I cannot imagine my life without, I've had long term lovers get into relationships or move before and honestly I do miss them all the time. I don't think I would be happy without this spark in my life that my career gives me. I no longer and have not for quiet sometime dated conventionally, for me I do not see the point as I know 90% if not more people in life like variety not only sexually but also in company. In my opinion have the perfect career that works for me as a introvert whom enjoys their own space but loves variety Both sexually and also in conversation. I do not want to live with someone and get married, I like that time away and missing them.

I have one or two lovers whom I see a few times a week where its like my 'husband' has got home from a long day of work, minus the nagging and boring sex- lol. I believe money and space at times ensure that I am cared for, expectations are clear between both parties and it keeps the sexual lives more alive. In a non paid relationship I would not put anywhere near the effort in to get ready to have great sex & men actually compliment you less oddly enough. Why wouldn't I put in the same effort? because I truly believe conventional relationships end with generally the woman being under appreciated. Thankfully my long term lovers also ensure I always climax generally more than once and actually enjoy our time together as well, but in conventional relationships parties can get lazy on what they bring to the table.

For example- A lot of my lovers like my feet- they give me enough notice and gift me additionally to get my feet done freshly, specially for them ( sometimes resulting in 2-3 pedi in a week lol). Some are obsessed with me having different lingerie so they will select an outfit they like on me and they purchase for me additionally- because they know I save my money and they realise these things are actually for them, not for me I would spend my money on something else or save for property. I am grateful for this and it helps ensure that everyone is happy in the connection and what they are recieving.

Recently I stopped listening to what others believed was possible for me, or doing what others are doing. I started working in a way that makes me happy and focusing on the things that I like most about my chosen career. For me it is about enhancing peoples lives that I touch, its about connecting with someone intimately and being the person they can open up to. Being the person they share their secretes and intimate desires that can lead to exploration of fantasies and help elevate stress. For me I cannot do my job properly if I am meeting a lot of people a day, but to ensure I am meeting career and financial goals I need to make X amount for each day I choose too work. So for me it made more sense and I feel better about obtaining that via having a minimum of 2 hour bookings, than to put my hour fee starting at $1,000 I also find that too enjoy and have that great experience I need more than an hour with someone. Those whom spend more time with me always end up becoming long term connections and generally turn into a preference for dates and overnights in the future.

My lovers are quite aware that I provide something quiet different and I am told repeatedly that it is not only about sex, but about our connection and being in each others company that they enjoy. I am a companion and that is where my first focus is, as without that connectivity the sex is not anywhere near as sensual. Some think you cannot have sensuality and eroticism where as I find they complement each other and even in my Porn-star encounters they are so passionate because to me - without passion what is sex?

Energy and becoming comfortable with someone is vastly important to me as many men do not only need that orgasms they think they are chasing but affection, love and connection with someone. I treat my lovers as that a lover, yes there is money involved but my lovers care for me and want me to have a comfortable, prosperous life and enjoy knowing my energy and focus is with them not thinking about getting another booking etc. I love edging, kissing, body kissing, foreplay and making an explosive orgasm for my lovers by ensuring that it is not rushed. Even with people I have seen many times an hour is never enough and it never allows the same level of relaxation as you think about time more, two hours is a happy medium however I find most end up wanting to extend and for me to stay for three or more hours.

Since I stopped listening to opinions of others and doing exactly what brings me happiness in my career and refusing to do things that do not, I have found abundance has came my way. Not just financially but in terms of my energy and those I attract have been such amazing people. I wake up everyday happy and grateful because I am not thinking about only what I get out of my career but what I give. It honestly makes me so happy knowing I have given someone love and happiness, that they are happier and at peace because of our time together. I have realised I have a gift, not only in my skill set but in the energy I bring to my lovers lives and I love being an escort but above being an escort I love & adore being a companion. I love having arrangements and relationships where both parties are happy with what is both being put into the relationship and received. These relationships work so well for me as a person and when actually tired lovers realise it is what works for them too.

I am often asked about what type of clients I attract - what I can say are dreams are ambitious, they take time and well some people have too much ambition for a conventional relationship, some already have that part of their lives and do not have time for an affair. Some men cannot go out in public on dinner for their reasons and in those circumstances we have uber dinner in together, or we have a date in hotel with room service. Discretion is important too some, where as for some of my lovers they give so much in their careers and are so successful that they do not have time for 'normal dating' an arrangement is something that works for them, and they simply do not care what on lookers may think because they are successful and most career driven men know the sacrifices their careers can cause them to make in their personal lives.

Successful, ambitious people deserve love, affection and companionship too especially in a way where someone is not hurt or upset by their lack of time they are able to provide to a relationship due to their ambitions. An arrangement and Relationship with a companion such as myself if one of the most honest and strongest relationships you can have. Because in most normal relationships there is shame around fantasies and lies about other factors of life due to fear of judgement, arrangements are built on honesty and openness about what is sought from both parties. I love providing them and I immensely enjoy every moment I have with my lovers as I feel appreciated and cared for- something I do not feel in conventional relationships.

All in all, I am so grateful and happy in my life currently. I have found what works for me and my lovers. The vast difference in my attitude and mood since operating this way has honestly changed not only how I feel but also the type of experiences I have been having with lovers. I am so grateful I had the courage to take my own path and not stick to conventional. Now I have decided to make it known I will not accept under 2 hour bookings I feel much better as they are what I prefer and I was saying "sorry I am not interested in accepting bookings under two hours" too enquirers for less than anyway, because I only want to see one person or a couple in a day. Because I am at a stage where I am comfortable, (yet still ambitious) but I want to enjoy my sexual experiences too, I want to be appreciated and have that time to connect and engage in a manner I do not feel rushed and can also enjoy my body. I have other hobbies and things that I am focusing my time on as well and fore-well knowing I am only accepting one lover in a day makes me less stressed and less inclined to waste my time sitting around waiting or engaging with those non deserving of my time.

I see my time as an investment, I spend it wisely and therefor spend it with someone whom specifically wants to see me, as I love having long term connections. I am a night-owl, like many of my lovers whom are ambitious and have trouble sleeping so I do not mind late night outcalls, in-fact I prefer them. There has always been a perception about night work in the industry, but for me I tend to have great clients at night and find most of my lovers that have demanding professions need to pre-plan and pre-book daytime meetings anyway so it works for me personally and those I spend time with. During the day I like to go shopping, go be in nature (when its not raining .... Brisbane at present ahhh), get my beauty appointments and things I need to do around the house done- unless its pre-booked or I am already finished my plans for the day, day bookings rarely work for me. I love the night hours and have more energy naturally then.

All in all, I do not see myself in a position where I want to leave this work, I am often asked if I will consider a Sugar Daddy, and for me personally I prefer to refer to things as an arrangement and those I am in it with as a boyfriend or lover, But yes I do offer arrangements. They are my main focus these days as I am about long term connections, up front agreements and payment does make things feel more organic, and gifts on top of that too show adoration are always appreciated yes. But for me I enjoy my existing connections and I do believe that what I have to share should be able to be shared to those whom respect me and are worthy. I help people and make people happy. So I do prefer arrangements where I still have the freedom to do so and continue with my career between our meetings.

Many have expressed shyness when approaching me about this- If I have agreed to see you again then chances are I would love to set up an arrangement with you. I prefer to do this after we are well acquainted over a lunch or dinner meeting where you have had time to think first (or overnight if you prefer). I like to ensure the terms suit us both and to come to an agreement that works well for the both of us. Wanting an arrangement is actually incredibly normal especially for those whom have high pressure careers or own their businesses. It is an incredibly highly sought out sort of relationship that simply put most men know they cannot afford and is generally more of a thing for elite businessmen and those in high paying careers or good financial positioning.

It has nothing to do with age or appearance and more to do with time and investment of it. Personally I also do not have the time or energy to sit on the phone to someone for 5 hours a day or write a ridiculous amount of messages to someone that I have nothing important to say too at the time. But it is usually necessary in conventional relationships to stroke someones ego, reassure them and ensure emotional needs are met. The reality is most relationships require too much time and for some we have money, but we do not have time. For a lot of us we do not need that additional assurances that some need and simply want someone too be there for us when it is convenient and when we are wanting that level of connection. Some may think a perfect world or relationship does not exist but for many that type of relationship is arrangements.

It is just about recognising what works for you, what makes you happy and not worrying too much about how society tries to conform you to have a conventional life. Some people are happy in conventional or average and some are always seeking more. That goes for career as it does for relationships and for me me personally I have found the perfect balance for me.

I am happier than I ever have been, for you the reader I hope you also find the happiness and a balance in life that suits you too.

Hugs and Kisses

Armarni Bulkani


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