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Exclusivity, Arrangements & Exits.

I thought I'd address a few things and answer some questions I have received in a blog for a change.

I have always loved having really in-depth, connective experiences as Armarni and have spent quiet a majority of my time the past few years in arrangements, exclusively seeing someone or agreements.

So while at this stage I am not offering normal arrangements due to my time restraints, I am offering the more exclusivity that many people desire. Being only available for one day a week & one suitor (or couple) a week.

So in ways yes I can still offer arrangements but I can only accompany on Saturdays (unless special occasion & preorganised). These arrangements would need to prepay per month at a set amount.

But I am not someone who has time for calls or texting daily, busy businessmen can find these arrangements to be desirable as they know they are getting the attention, dedication & eroticism they desire without drama or the need of daily time commitments that relationships require.

As I am still working on my goals relentlessly I do not date & I don't do non-committal sex so this is what works for me at this weird point in my life 😅 maybe one day when I relocate I'll try real life dating again lol.

But I've had quiet a few people asking about exclusive arrangements lately- & yes I can still do -either you can be my only lover for the week or preorganise our time together a month at a time for every Saturday and know I'm exclusively yours. I can only offer this per-month basis & will likely be ceasing availability completely before EOFY arrives.

While I am yes starting to lay the path for my exit entirely- I will not be erasing this part of me from my life. Rather I will be embracing it, accepting it & using it towards other ventures. Who I was before I became Armarni 8 years ago was very different & my internal self has glown up even more than my external.

At this stage I'm still heavily in study, self development & working on my trading goals as well as organising my other ventures launch. I don't have time to "meet" people in "real life" & well I don't do free casual sex. So Armarni is the way I have sex right now 😅 & at this stage I'm still enjoying only having this day once a week & instead of turning down other offers waiting for longer durations I'm interested in - I only offer 4+hrs. I'm not for everyone & I don't want to be.

I want to treat those I'm with like Kings, be their goddess or the unicorn in a relationship. Being more exclusive really let's mlets me bottle up my energy & put even more effort into experiences. It's the way I enjoy being Armarni- while not the norm it's what works for me at this stage xx

I have really been enjoying couple rendezvous the last few years & with that I have decided to match up my Overnight, all nighter & 24hr couple packages too my normal in sleep scenarios as most 5* suites are one bed I'll organise a seperate room at the hotel & rejoin for breakfast in bed😉. I find these interactions amazing & I really enjoy the social aspects of these connections also. Amazing conversations. I will probably do this until March or so.

To address another question I've been asked a few times- yes I am happy to start 12hour (all nighter) dates in the early afternoon / late morning Saturday & wind down in late evening & think it's an amazing idea to sight see, dine & have social time without worry about time and heaps of private time .

Really looking forward too the end of the year many things still to work on but feeling happy & content with all in my life. 🧿. Very grateful for the amazing people in my life 🙏🏻 and look forward too all those amazing people yet to enter my life.

Also I am hoping you are having a great end of year & achieving all your goals. Stay safe & be Happy 😘🧿

Hugs & kisses

Armarni Bulkani


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