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Dear friends 🌹

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Hello especially too those whom know me & follow my blogs & news letters. I have been thinking of all the amazing people I have met over the years alot lately.

I know you all probably think you are just another name & someone long forgotten but chances are I probably still wonder about you.

Those who really have gotten to know me over the years as Armarni know my work extends much farther than the physical. I truly get to know people, my raport is true & not something I need to jot down on paper. My circles small but meaningful & most things have more intention than what most would ever assume.

This is a LONG ONE-

I sit sometimes wondering about you all- did things get better? Did you achieve that big goal? Have you met the person of your dreams? Did you take that holiday? Did you get that promotion? Did you heal? Did everything in your world turn out okay?

I find it sad that many of times people are surprised by how much they factually mean to me- my job description in my mind has always been vastly different too what is seen on the screen, perceived by the world. For many people I've been their person- the person they can tell everything too with no shame or judgement, the person that can help them through the crazy hours of the night, the person they know ultimately wants the best for them. I've never really made it so clear my code of conduct in Business but it's always been a code or conduct throughout my life & I carried into Armarni's business plan & essentially above all I hold what is best for others.

There has been people I let go, not necessarily for me but for them, when I feel they are over extending themself & I'm being a hindrance not a help- people I have tried my hardest to help them in their lives- I've helped fix marriages, helped people off drugs, helped people find their dream jobs, helped people find love. Been the light in someone's darkness - been people's first & taught them how to connect with a woman.

As I feel closer & closer to the end of Armarni's time that's what I am trying to hold onto- that between you & I maybe you didn't know it then but possibly now you see- you were all always more than money to me. That our time was more than just the physical, but a lesson in expression an exchange that I hope was some how a positive impact in your life. I remember your stories & I think of you all often. Given the nature of things & hope for your current lives I do not reach out- but know I think of you all often.

There will come a day possibly sooner than I originally thought where, my phone will no longer be- where Armarni will no longer stand separated from me but rather a part of something that once was to transform into what shall be. Although we may never speak I hope you know the impact you have all had on me. Little lessons compounded.

Of course for discretion I cannot go into details of many things- but simple things from bringing me a flower from the walk, Arabian sweets, a book, a handwritten poem, the whole Disney disc collection, taking me to nice dinners & opening up your true self to me.

To the man who helped me when- they sold my rental in covid- & I needed to get a new place, going above & beyond to resolve my stress & ensure I was alright- reassuring me that you had my back. You were a friend in my life at a time when I needed our bizzare friendship that could never amount to anything. I know deep down what was wanted but I also know what is right & wrong, I hope all worked out well for you & you find happiness in what you already have.

The man when I was still like a deer in the headlights (not where I am now) & my cats teeth needed repairs (nearly $4k each) not only did you help me with -that you sir are the person I refer to a reference point of realising my self worth- you ran me bubble baths with roses & would even cut up fresh limes to put in my water- welcomed me & saw my worth when I didn't myself. You taught me to demand respect & raise the bar to levels that I didn't think was possible. You changed my life - I never got to tell you that & well I wish sometimes I could just slide that message through- but I always hope that you found a girl who loves you too & well even though it's literally a friendly thankyou it would be misconstrued.

A man who was waiting for marriage but time got away- although you didn't tell me until after the fact I'm glad to know I was such an important part of your life. I remember the stories you told me and how much you sacrificed for the happiness of your sisters & family- you are a true gem in the world that's hard to find very pure person- I hope you hold our memories close & that you have met someone whom brings you joy- I appreciate how far you would travel just too see me 🙏🏻. While you are not the only person that I was the special person for I'll always hold your story highly.

The man I spent so much time with over the past 2 years - haha honestly your a funny one- we had a weird friendship and well we were in each others lives for some difficult times. You were there for me (unknowingly) after getting doomsday diagnosis's (false flags) through all the demons I had to face - held me even if you were just chasing a mermaid at times I needed to be held. I hope now that we have parted ways & dust has settled you see that I always held space for you because unknowingly you held space for me. I could tell you my personal shit & you could tell me yours sometimes you never had to say I just knew. At times I wasn't taking bookings I'd still come see you- not because of money but because I knew you & had your best interest at heart- I'd cut you off when the times right put you to bed & make sure you call your mother. Lol. I'd lecture you & be the nag that sometimes you needed & seeing you fix up parts of your life was honestly one of the happiest moments for me- I always worried & I truly with all my core hope you found stability & don't fall down old ways. You got this & one day you will find your forever mermaid. Dysfunctional but I look the memories & laugh but simultaneously hope you stay in better parts of life.

To the dear friend who I helped rebuild their marriage & family. I think of you a lot- our times together hours upon hours of talking - how grateful I am that you came to me that day & for once stopped trying to be the one helping everyone & confided in me your truths. I know that was hard for you. I am glad you out your trust in me & I'm glad I was the person to guide you because as we had discussed I could have thought about my own financial interests (but then I wouldn't be me) but instead I seen what you truly desired & that was your family back. Not as it was but better. I truly hope through all our times of honesty things continued to improve from when we last spoke. You are a very good person & deserve all the happiness, sometimes men do not know how to communicate with women as we are so emotional in comparison & are afraid that showing emotion is a form of weakness but rather it's what shows you truly care. I hope you always hold the words I told you & know I have held the words you told me too & think I have found the perfect balance in someone that I was always looking for 🙏🏻-

To the man who got me into FX trading - haha aren't you the psychic. I honestly couldn't see it then but I see it now. You & I vibed on an energy level & well we both have different earthly directions. But you were right in your predictions so it seems, everything I ever dreamt of came to me. I'm still learning - I'll probably end up in futures more so but I'm getting there October sent me on a spiral & well I got caught up in news trading (seeing others do it 😇🤠)- self mastery was the goal yes & well it's definitely been the 🔥 under the booty that was needed it's like a never ending journey but I love it. You said that you can tell it's what I'm meant to do and all that's meant for me will start to come for me - I will admit originally I thought yea yea lol- but you were spot on- It wouldn't feel right to not leave a thank you note too you. You sensed I was going through things & in need of a different path - I need of finding myself & this road you sent me into (with telling me how much you earn in a day lol) as you said ended up being the perfect thing for me & oddly yes I enjoy it to my absolute surprise. It's not easy but thats why I love it- some days are hard but they make the better days even sweeter & as always it's about the journey because after this path starts the next. I've learnt so much about myself & I really appreciate you. I hope you took my advice too- the person who loves your soul, who you are, will always be the one who is worth it. Someone willing to stand by the dark times should always be the first you welcome in the light & the player life is not all its cracked up to be it's all smoke in mirrors & lonely. I have been the one that listens to it many of times- someone that loves you not your money is a rare find so hold onto it. I hope for you success in all your ventures I know you are like me (just more psycho- lol) once conquered a Challenge on to the next one🙏🏻. I hope someday you see somehow what I mean by finding the happiness I seek because when we spoke about what I truly want in life & a person to share with literally couldn't be more spot on that the universe or god in my case connected to what I want. No doubt I'll see you in other spaces 🧘🏻‍♀️ but I'm hoping all is well here & thankyou a billion times over. Which I hope you achieved.

Also thank you too all my couples this is an extra level of trust & also a special kind of friendship while I cherish the friendships I make with men developing these bonds with lovely women & being accepted regardless of my job- taken out to dinner with you all & being welcomed into your lives has been a catalyst for me to embrace friendships with women outside of the industry. I truly value these moments where it's about pure fun, enjoyment & also amazing conversation- I love conversation lol. Thank you.

I have shared too many special moments time & time again with with people too list, don't think that if your not listed our times not special everyone is special too me- even those who were lessons- our meeting had a meaning & a lesson was learnt. But most of you I classify in my own demented way a friend & I truly hope you all the greatest happiness & I'm so delighted too know so many of you wish for me (even though I know some of you wish you were my price charming & a part of the life I'll be stepping into I appreciate that you hold so much care for me as many of you know Armarni has been the only social / life I've had for 8years so for you to care in our dysfunction & wish me my happiness is sweet & appreciated lol)

While I'm still here I know how much work I have to do.. I've had a few days of rebooting & re-synching myself to get ready for the new year & all it shall bring. So I wanted to get this done- because I feel I try to keep sh*t light hearted when together I never really let you know the impact you guys have in my life & in return the impact I hope I have in yours. Everything has a meaning within a meaning.

Side note - Yes

I am available too catch up - so far I intend to go away for a while in NY - then I'll see what happens when I return I still want to get my surgery. All in all EOFY 2024 even if I have to become a civi (I won't lol things are going good) but still I'm serious about it this time - this is Armarni's last December. I am more than ready for the next chapter in my life but while I'm still around I'd love to spend it particularly with friends I know. I am as always fussy- if someone sends me dribble they receive & auto robo response or a swift mute/block - my happiness, time & sanity is above all monetary value to me. I know I am always taken care of. So please if you are contacting me for the first time understand I'm not going to accept less respect or less than a professional enquiry- like I don't know you- you need to introduce yourself I'm not interested in seeing just anyone- I'm special & those that have met me know that.

🧿 I am like a genie if you rub me the right way I make wishes come true - but more than that I truly see you. I tend to know you more than you will know you & I will always value you & your well being more than my bank account 🧿 .

I'm wishing you all a fabulous end of year & as I said I'm around I'm trading NY /LND cross over so I tend to wind down live trading at 2am then demo futures NY PM sessions. Unless pre-booked my days / early evenings on weekdays are my zen time..

Stay safe happy holidays & I truly wish you all even those I do not know or even those who cannot stand me I wish you all the happiness & prosperity in life.


Hugs & kisses

Armarni Bulkani

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