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Craving Him

Have you ever had a thought of someone & when you do you feel your body tingle and pulsate at the same time? Feel an urge and desire that seems to consume all of your mind.

I often find myself thinking about his thick, long perfect penis. His strong hands that know how to control my body when he needs too. His lips that always seem to know how to attract & guide me to a land filled of temptation and glistening, slippery bliss.

The way my lips feel so perfect wrapped around the head of his cock & how great it feels leaning back on top grabbing his strong legs.

I feel the yearning to drain him, take all his sexual energy from his body until he has exploded and is shaking in orgasm no longer able to go again. Until I'm filled & satisfied that he has penetrated every inch of my body making me work up a sweat as I pleasure him and Cum all over his cock again & again.

Some days I can't sleep, it's like a void that needs to be filled and not an emotional one. A sexual connection that is so strong I can feel a throbbing sensation in my Pussy for days after we have fucked. Like a body memory of the pleasure. I can't help but constantly reach down and play with my clit fantasizing about when he will penetrate me again, how right it feels. Making myself wet thinking about running my tounge up his shaft & tasting his excitement.

Sucking his thick cock & taking it all the way deep just so I can watch his face. I like making it all sloppy and wet as the noise of the suction fills the air combined with his moans. The sensation of his smooth cock in my throat always makes me so wet.

My Pussy pulsating with yearning for him to penetrate me & my desire to give all of

Me to pleasing every inch of him everytime.

Wondering is his hand reaching down right now wishing he was inside of my wet warm pussy? Does he think about it all the time penetrating my holes as I seem to each night? I find myself wondering am I on his mind, or would I speak out of line?

What if I say I want to come another time? Questions like if there was no space between us would we survive or would we fuck eachother until we are out of life if the lines blurred & there was no time?

Maybe your reading, but I guess I will never know if you are & well I am shy so I would never say.. But...

I think about it and I notice sometimes how you connect with my hand when I ride. I like it and when you do I push you even deeper inside making me contact inside & hips wind up and down faster each time. I want you to fuck me on the bed, the kitchen & the floor. Then take me & fuck me on the couch some more, on my knees in your wardrobe then take me to the bath & fill me with passion and sex me more, until our body's can't take anymore.

I want to hear what you're thinking, out loud even though I swear your thoughts are so over powering I can hear them even when you are not saying a word.


I want to sleep next to you & you wake me with your hard cock sliping between my wet thighs as you kiss me on the neck and take me from behind. Gently at first, slow and long strokes so my Pussy can feel every part of you going in and out each time until I'm moving my body begging you to go faster inside. I want to feel your body shudder as you moan & explode as I Cum at the same time, you cumming makes me Cum everytime. The build up, the energy the motion it feels so amazing for me everytime, everytime we combine.

I want to feel every sensation as our bodies collide & I want you to know My Pussy is yearning for you tonight, wet & begging for the next night our bodies combine.

I won't tell you but I hope you are thinking about me tonight & hopefully you think of me when you're touching your cock tonight, but I hope your never truly satisfied until you are really inside.

Armarni Bulkani


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