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Content Creation & Persoanl Things....

Never say Never I guess. As some people are probably aware I have been contemplating starting content for quite a while now. I have always been a very private person, a person who had many plans very seperate and in different directions to sex work. However, for me as for a lot of people covid has completely changed my life & my plans.

I was meant to be settled overseas with a person I love dearly, however with the way the world currently is and I personally believe it will be a long time before travel is able to happen safely (I have fur children & honesty I would rather die than put my furry babies in danger & well I am a 5%). I am going to be staying in this country for the foreseeable future. Work in this industry like all can be uncertain. But the sex industry is the worlds oldest trade, it has out survived everything that has come through the years. It's all about adaptation.

I have been taking my time going through, telling people in my life that do not already know and trying to make plans if somethings go badly. Some people can be very judgemental of this work, particularly civi women because they don't understand how it works. Living in a smaller town and already being so unique is something that has been of concern to me. But since covid I have been pretty much staying home or going to visit people for work that is pretty much my life now lol. I do not drink or party, I have always stuck to myself because I had no intentions of staying in this country and prefer quieter things over busy. Example I would much prefer a quiet weekend in the hinterland instead of the Gold Coast. Its just very hard to find people, particularly single women in this industry who have similar interests so I am very much a loner.

Another reason I held off on this is because this is something that lasts forever. Sure I have photos of me on my website, twitter & advertising platforms but they don't have my face my tattoos are blurred & I am basically a big blur on your screen run it through facial recognition id probably still be okay to enter countries where Sex work is illegal. But once I am out there, that is that, If laws keep changing up like they have been I may not be able to go to some of my favourite countries, but then again sometimes money can fix everything.

In honesty it's been an emotional start to the year taking this information of no international travel for the year and accepting it. I have been in ways mourning, letting go of somethings that although I want deeply, it's something I know in the new world is no longer attainable for me. The constant repetitive opening and shutting of borders makes me sick to be honest. I haven't turned on normal tv or the news for the whole year, I check social media and read because I just can't deal with it anymore. It's never ending.

Just like dealing with people stupidly ask me questions like why I am not already overseas is honestly tiring. Like yes, I am aware my plans & dreams came crashing down, do you feel better now you have pointed it out? In the year of 2021 don't ask people who are stranded from those they have life plans with by miles of ocean if they miss said people. Infact don't bring it up at all unless they do or your very close. I think most of us, just try to forget, try to busy ourselves in other ways so we don't blow up their phone constantly & throw tantrums about things that none of us have control over.

I don't ask people anymore for this reason too, personally a way I deal with things (all though probably not the healthiest) is to simply not acknowledge it, not talk about it, not think about it. You don't know a persons situation possibly they have lost people, you don't know. Just honestly think, not everyones lives are only in this country. Not everyone planned on staying here & having a life here.

My clients that originate from overseas & I know their family is overseas I don't bring it up either, think we all just want to escape. I am aware they have probably lost someone or worried over their loved ones and I know personally I'm at a point where I cannot have a conversation about it without feeling upset so I am mindful of that and try not to trigger people who may also be trying to stay strong. It's not that I don't care, it's that I care enough to understand that if people want to talk about things & feel they are ready to they will initiate it. Sometimes words don't need to be said & it's expressed through a needed hug instead. Just be kind to people & try not to constantly bring up how peoples plans changed, it's already a stupid thing to do but during times like this its even more silly.

SO anyway now I have gotten that rant off my chest that shouldn't have even needed to be said, I have decided I am going to be doing content creation & prepaid cam via Skype, customs vids (within reason). I will be launching my Only fans, Manyvids, MyfreecamShare etc March 1st. All cam & calls will be during designated times or pre-booked.

This has been a big decision for me mainly also due to how much I have been approached lately (when doing groceries etc) or even getting messages from people I don't know saying they seen me at the bank etc. Its creepy, Stop it honestly. Its not okay it just makes women think your a creep, think you seen me great keep it to yourself. Move on with your day, honestly I think some guys spend too much time staring at girls pictures. Just let people live, not everyone is going to be like you or have the same morals. Everyone is going through shit right now, just keep your head down & mind your own business.

Now content creation obviously my ink will be out, my face will be out. Im keeping my free to view areas blurred for now, as honestly people are so nosy & if they want to be nosy at least they can pay me to be.

Wanting to put a little PSA out there, I have been snappy lately. I am sorry for that but some of you do make me feel like I am going grey. Please just respect some boundaries, understand I am going through things too & don't feel like free chit chat etc, I have bills to pay & goals to kick also. I have been going through some big changes & just needed some time to process things within myself. I wasn't ready to be doing cam/content when people were bugging me for it. I get some of you have missed me but this is something that I know regardless of how many times you all say you won't share it I know these things get shared. I know things end up places you don't want them to be. So sorry for being so snappy but in the future if someone says no just back off, let it be when someone is ready they will let you know.

My content will be hot, wet & wild I will also be releasing things from my personal reel.. sometimes I record myself for fun lol. I am looking forward to this adventure but want too launch with plenty of goodies too keep you entertained from the get go.

Some massive changes are coming to 2021 for me and business, I do recommend signing up to my newsletter to keep up to date & I will be doing special offers for those who are signed up (use a discreet email) Ill be putting special offers particularly when I'm horny & in the mood. Stay in touch even when kept apart.


Stay Safe, Stay sane

(my new goodbye sign for 2021, who knows maybe next year we will have aliens at the rate its going lol)


Armarni B

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