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Balance Within The Hour

I think in this career it's all about finding a balance that suits you. I have been so happy in my career lately because of how I am working. I know this comes from years of saving & the privilege to do so.

Me, I love connecting very deeply with those I engage intimately with. I give so much passion & intentional good energy that I find myself receiving the positivity back. Turning away further connections when I do not have the energy too do so leaves me able to replenish faster.

I want sex when I have sex with someone, I am horny and engaged. Another reason I don't accept offers under two hours it takes time for my comfortability. It takes time too edge and make it so begging for it. Time to create a mind blowing orgasm for him that invokes the inner man.

I'd much rather have mind blowing sex and orgasms with one person or couple a day than 3/4/5 bookings. Because for me right now I am comfortable and am enjoying my body and pleasure at the same time. I know two hours maybe steep for some, but this is what works for me and ultimately honouring my needs and caring for my body & sexual needs gives me the positivity and energy too provide the best possible time for my lovers.

I had been struggling with the confidence of removing hours completely. But thankfully most of my gentlemen understand it. They also respect Me enough to know it won't actually be an hour or under and actually enjoy me getting wet and actually orgasming too. They respect me enough to understand this is my only career, I am great at it & they want to provide for me so I am able to give them the passion & care they crave. I appreciate them and that money is something they give too me too show how much they appreciate and value all of me that I give too them.

Also being so particular with enquiries some men are boggled that they need to provide a (real) name & introduce themselves, these Men that cannot grasp that concept are not yet deserving of my energy & Intimacy. Eventually they figure out manners and realise until I have physically connected with someone I don't appreciate demeaning names or contact that is not in a business manner. If you would not write It in an email or SMS too a prospective business partner that has no idea who you are, then it shouldn't be written too me. I literally select one lover a day from many that contact. If I don't get the right vibe from you & respect then I will not accept your request. I only see People and enter situations that I want to enter. (I did my time). Now it's about me and anyone that doesn't like that can just sit on read in my SMS folder.

I want men who want too see me, who are intrigued by me therefore want to make a good impression. I appreciate dates, Overnights in fancy hotels and holidays with those I have that bond with. Because social honestly makes it stronger.

The fact that I listen, radiate energy & give love/affection is what makes me human & not a fleshlight it's what makes U feel like a man, not just a wallet. Love.

I like to note -

After I have that bond and friendship I feel comfortable being called babe, baby etc, but before hand I find it off putting and as though I am not respected and neither is the business I am in. In life you always get what you put out, too receive respect, understanding and emotion you have to give it. And without those things you cannot have a proper connection and without a proper connection things dissolve and eventually sex becomes like doing the dishes. I don't want to feel like that. So I am particular, I am 'fussy' but I am so worth it & I know each encounter I have I will feel satisfied & content as well as the person I connect with.

I am not mainstream/ conventional in my approach and not many in my career connect on that level or probably want to, I do not date conventionally and I develop bonds with those I engage. If I accept your request and enjoy my time with you of course I want too see you again. It's just all in the planning as I only want to have sex with someone when I have that passion and desire and if I've already had amazing sex & orgasms I'm already satisfied. Because it does show & I know people work hard for their money so I like to ensure I give my best by having a balanced life and good relationships with those I connect.

This is not only my career but my sex life. I have 'boyfriends', I give them love, affection and time- but they also do take care of me by showing their care for me financially. It's too me the best relationships I could ask for because I get that connection and mind blowing passionate sex that doesn't fizzle out because I am appreciated so I still make the effort. I have my space as an introvert I need space and cannot stand constant SMS etc so I am not the best conventional girlfriend. I am adjusted to waiting for lovers to contact me, sometimes I get the urge to message and tell someone miss them when I know it's appropriate too do so, but boundaries are so crystal clear.

So something I want to specify is there is a vast difference in connections that I give, there may be others who provide similar or polar opposite. We are all individuals but for me this is my sex life, many others rightfully so have sex lives outside of sex work. For me I like to have many strong relationships that I still have financial gratification within. When I refer to my lovers /boyfriends/girlfriends I am referring too my connections I have made in my career. At this point in my life I am satisfied throw in a few more holidays with lovers or a night away together in a nice hotel with Room service and I will be complete.

I love variety and I also love having the space too miss people. I see it if I was too message everyday and talk about everything in a day I would not have the opportunity too miss. These relationships work for me. I still get horny and orgasm, it feels like the perfect mix for me.

So all in all its a long-winded farewell too hour bookings. I like two hour + bookings, dates and overnights they make me happy and I feel satisfied after them. I like long term connections, and strong ones that even if you haven't seen each other for a while you still connect seamlessly. What I give is not for everyone, and I do not want it too be.

Hugs and kisses

Armarni Bulkani


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