Fee's & Encounter Information

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Passionate Girlfriend

Sexy and sensual, are you craving a woman caress? For a taste of all things passionate with Armarni. In Passion things are sensual with kisses & a focus on pleasuring you. Also inclusive of a body slide & erotic body rub on bookings 1hr +.

If you are seeking more erotic skills such as toys, extensive oral & leg shaking multiple orgasms I suggest Deluxe. 

30 mins- .....................

1 Hour- ......................

1.5 Hour-  ..................

2 Hour- ......................

Dinner Date 4 Hour......

Overnight 12 Hour.......







Deluxe Girlfriend

A more inclusive experience sure to fulfil your naughty, erotic desires. With a focus on Mutual pleasure & sensations. Toys & Multiple orgasms are offered & encouraged. A more deluxe experience using skills Armarni has perfected be ready to be blown away.

Backdoor fee is an additional $500 (overnight see all inclusive), this option needs to be prearranged 12hrs+ advance due to preparation required & also has size limitations. Available in Deluxe GFE only*

* Outcall only when on the Sunshine Coast, Incall can be arranged with min 24Hr notice in both Sunshine Coast & Brisbane- Brisbane incurs a $100 travel fee outside of tours* 

30 mins- .....................

1 Hour- ......................

1.5 Hour-  ..................

2 Hour- ......................

Dinner Date 4 Hour......

Overnight 12 Hour.......

All Inclusive 12 Hour ...








Erotic Relaxation

Armarni worked as a Beautician in some of Australia's best & most renown Day Spa's & combines her relaxation skills with her erotic skills with her Erotic Relaxation packages. Performed either on the bed or when in Sunshine Coast (or BNE) she can bring the table for an additional $50 fee. 

Naked body slides and a relaxing body rub combining kahuna, Swedish & balinese moves to completely relax your body. Let Armarni's hands work magic to relieve all your inner tension & desires. **When in home location (S.C) these are outcall only, unless booking 1.5hrs & 24hrs notice is supplied** 

30 mins- ..................

1 Hour - ...................

1.5 Hour - ................





Armarni enjoys being welcomed into couples bedrooms, and enjoys providing pleasure for both men & women. Armarni has a means to ensure all parties are comfortable, pleasured & have an amazing sexual experience. Tailored to each couple individually this fee also includes toys & mutual pleasures. 

This fee is for Outcall on the Sunshine Coast- Incall can be arranged at a hotel with 24hrs notice* 

1 Hour- .......................

1.5 Hour - ...................

2 Hour - ......................




Fly Me To You

Wanting to see Armarni but the is no tour suiting you? Armarni offers Fly Me To You Australia wide. The fee is inclusive of Flights, armarni's transfers, accomodation, Deluxe GFE & the Duration of time together. *Some towns or cities may incur a surcharge 24hrs notice is always required*

*Backdoor fee is $500 additional on non overnight dates, overnight please see all inclusive*

4 Hour Date..................

6 Hour Date..................

12 Hour Overnight.........

12 Hour All Inclusive......







Is Armarni Available Now?

SUNSHINE COAST OUTALLS Requires a minimum of 2 hours notice SUNSHINE COAST INCALL- ***Must be prebooked with 24hrs + Notice*** DO NOT ASK SAME DAY INCALL SUNSHINE COAST Check in times are from 2pm & Check out by 8am- BRISBANE NON TOUR **24hrs notice required for INCALL/ OUTCALL** Incalls have a 2hr min Incurs $100 Travel fee bookings less than 4 hrs TOURS Pre-booking is recomeneded or in nonsuficent bookikngs tour Will be cancelled short notice may be availabe before 10pm. An hour notice mimimum is recomended to ensure Armarni Looks her best. FM2Y Fly me To you , requires 24hrs notice miniumum * less than 48hrs may incur surcharges due to accomodation/ flight price inflation**. Minimum booking time of 4 hours. Please see the fees section in the pricing above for charges. Dinner Dates can be in room or out at a restraunt/ cafe near by. Costs of the dinning are not included, however Armarni will have non alchoholic beverages & snacks in the room for FM2Y bookings.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, No deposit = No booking- Don't care who you are even if you think your Batman, No one is above Deposit & Screening requirements including regulars/ known gentlemen. Beem it Cash Deposit SMART ATM Preezee EGift card The remainder is payable in cash upon arrival, or via Beem it. These options work for ALL residences of Australia & I do not offer any other type of deposit method. Thankyou.

Why do  need to Provide My name?

Armarni takes her safety seriously and in her experience men who mean no ill will, happily provide their real first name- Those using fake names, are found out almost instatnly and ignored. Armarni is a Russian/ Egyptian she will find out if your using a fake first name and immediately not trust you. Don't be a weirdo & not give your real name. You are not the one needing to worry about stalkers... Trust me Lol.

How do I contact Armarni?

NO CALLS- Armarni Prefers Contact via her contact form. If you must SMS please note Armarni does not monitor her phone 24/7, and will only respond to complete enquiries that include

  • name (real- if you put a fake Armarni will know & will think your suspicious)
  • age (18 & over only)
  • date & time seeking (now is not acceptable)
  • duration & type of encounter (Passionate Girlfriend/ Dinner date/ Overnight)
  • Incall/ Outcall
  • City (incall)/ Suburb (outcall)

Policies & T&C


Deposits are taken via Beem it app Displays as 'Beem it Credit/Deposit' we do not require eachothers info, is instant & most banks no fee, is ran by Westpac, Commbank & NAB. or via SMART ATM cash deposit for 100% paper trace free. or Preezee EGift cards. for more information on Deposit Policies please go to my policies page here Deposit amounts vary per booking type, Incall/outcall and duration. This ensures my overheads & preperation time are compensated if a prank, no show or cancellation and also helps ensure my safety. I do not ever negotiate my Deposit Policy All bookings made with Armarni Bulkani require a deposit of a percentage of the booking total- this covers business expenses such as travel, accommodation to host, preparation time and also allocation of time. Armarni's time is extremely valuable and to ensure it is not wasted due to gentlemen getting cold feet, not prioritizing their scheduled time with her, prank bookings or a week full of cancellations resulting in a loss- Armarni a professional companion- like any other smart successful service based business requires a deposit for her services.
Deposits are paid via several different options- via Beem it app, Smart ATM card-less deposit or other means of instant transfers. The key being instant- Armarni does require the deposit to be cleared prior to arranging a hosting location, prior to getting ready for a date or making travel arrangements. Sadly due to the ill nature of some people in our society receipts cannot be trusted.
Armarni understands some gentlemen get concerned and worried about depositing money to someone they have not yet met. I understand this and there are many options available for gentlemen who do not wish to deposit but Armarni is not one of them- Armarni has been in the Adult Industry for 5 years now- she knows how it works and has over the past year or two implemented a no deposit no booking policy- She feels safer during bookings, has had 0 problem clientele, 0 no shows, and very few cancellations. Armarni is flexible and understanding, she knows there is traffic and that things happen she does not work back to back and has rates that reflects this, although she does not allow her time to be wasted she is not going to penalize you for being 10 minutes late- a simple message to let me know your in traffic is suffice.
Fly me to you is non refundable unless Armarni has to cancel which 100% of the total is refunded as travel costs money and also requires deposits or upfront payment. General bookings depends on the time frame and whether the accommodation has been booked and how much time is available for Armarni to arrange another booking to take your place. In the instance enough notice is supplied a partial or full refund maybe offered or a partial credit to a booking at a future date. If Armarni has to cancel for any reason 100% of the deposit will be refunded.


Timing is Key when it comes to cancellation or rescheduling our meeting- Armarni is a very generous companion but she is also business minded in her approach to having her time wasted. Armarni's exclusivity allows for slight changes in schedules such as traffic problems etc but in the case of complete cancellation generally the deposit is fore-fitted unless ample time is given (more than 48 hours) and no prepayments for accommodation or travel has taken place. For information regarding Cancellations please see my Policies Page here


Armarni only interacts with gentlemen seeking to actually meet her as a person. SMS or CONTACT FORM (preference) only I prefer contact form as I ask all the questions I need answers too IF SMS Introduce yourself with: name age line of work what your seeking (pigish answsers are ignored) How long for and the LOCATION your seeking company Oh you also have to talk like a human- if you seriously just list it off she will ignore, maybe your looking for a fleshlight? lol. Be a gentleman or go elsewhere Deposit Required FOR EVERYONE NO EXCUSES If your not wanting to pay a Deposit Go away, Armarni and all escorts & companions have the right too feel safe at work. If your into giving bogus names & dont want to pay deposit, Armarni will just end up blocking you. Deposits prefereably via Beem it- takes about 4 mins to set up ran by the big 4 banks & keeps our details secure. Armarni has an Hour minimum her rates only go UP. Those asking for otherwise are blocked. Paitience- Armarni Minds her own phone & email As an independant, she does take time to respond as she doesnt answer her phone in company. She doesnt have a phone minder, and she also has little paitence when it comes too improper etiquette. So if your one of those who message 5 sms that could be sent as one sms- I suggest you send everything in one message. In saying that if its 10pm or later & Armarni has never met you she will not respond too you until the next business day if you provide a enquiry of significance, as above. Mostly otheres are ignored. Contact hours 7am-10pm Advance booking only Armarni does not wait around for appointments, she is not & is never available Now. Armarni Does not Entertain AVAILABLE NOW GUYS... If your just seeking anyone who is available now Armarni will not be interested. Armarni is acutally super sweet & funny, Sadly though in particular Queensland seems to have cultivated a culture of men who think escorts are all available now, sit around waiting for their calls all day & have next to zero manners. Hopefully your not one of those ill mannered men & Armarni can show you why she has a 100% return rate. For my etiquette information when your booking or organising an appointment please view my etiquette page here.

Inclusions Lists

Armarni hates feeling so clinical, is a menu really necessary? If so Armarni does offer a vauge service list but alot of services Armarni will not disscuss until having met. Partially Due to legislation Escorts in QLD cannot inform you here what is included.. and a man asking me for a menu makes me feel like im in a parlor or something, not the feeling or vibe I am going for. Some things are not offered without proper oral hygine or personal hygine. If you are not hygenic you will be asked to leave. Armarni does not ever guarentee anything that occurs with one man would occur with another for this reason- The rest of the Date Armarni Preferres to have a open communication if there is something you would like to try ask- you should never just go do something anyway, same as you shouldn't in a real world date- ask if things are okay. Any trips to Greece are not guarenteed, Armarni needs to know a man & feel comfortable before this is guarenteed, phone contact is not enough to determine this, size is also a factor. Also required is a minimum of 3 hours notice from time of a cleared deposit to ensure she is 'passport ready' if decided to take a trip around the world & your willing to pay the fares. Just communicate what your seeking before doing it, just like you should in real world dates. You wouldnt appreciate it if Armarni just stuck her finger or toy up your butt (she doens't do this btw please see below) A much easier list: Things Armarni Does NOT Do:

  • Incriminate herself via telecomunications some services I WILL NOT DISSCUSS
  • Rimming on you
  • Strap on/ pegging on you
  • Anal services on you
  • Dominatrix stuff- eg. whipping, ball torture etc (not her thing)
  • Golden Shower on her.
  • Any scat type of service
  • Unsafe sex
  • Armarni Does not offer Filming or photo's- If you are caught trying to secretely record sessions or take pictures, authorities will be called & charges will be persued. They do stand in court trust me, many men have been getting published in newspapers for this lately.
  • Armarni does not use drugs at all, do not offer her she finds it extremely rude. She also does not drink, please dont waste your time or money purchasing alchohol thinking she will consume it with you. Your more than welcome but she has never been a drinker. She loves Cranberry Juice (the no added sugar version), bundaberg ginger beer or water & lime if your searching for preffered beverages.
Things Armarni Doesnt Like
  • Fingering- Most of you have no idea how sensitvie a vagina is- your nails are scratchy- a penis is smooth for a reason. Fingers hurt- Armarni Much preferres other methods of stimulation like externally. If your into fingering ensure your nails are cleaned cut short and FILLED rough, sharp or dirty fingers/nails will not be in there.
  • Her underarms being licked- expect a mouthful of deoderant & not getting anymore kisses. Ticklish & doesnt like it. She wont lick yours either. haha.
  • Most other things in person Armarni is willing to discuss, please understand though not everything is offered to everyone.
A note: I have found men who do not ask for such lists, go with the flow & have a more naturally evolving date that progresses & has that same level of understanding you would in a normal life "ask if something is okay" are the best kind of men. I do not like men asking how many shots or what they get for their money, not my type of men. Gentlemen I see have common sense, they want the most, they pay the most. They know their local laws & understad I will not agree to anything prior to meeting, because I need to know how I vibe with a person & also do a visual. I respect my health & mental wellbeing and will not agree to anything of such nature prior to meeting. There is a distinct type of man I try to avoid, no inclusions lists help with this. It also makes things feel more 'normal'. PLEASE NOTE : visual health checks are always preformed, STD or STI visual symptoms will result in immediate cancellation of all sexual services & refund will not be granted. You are not silly, if something is not normal there you would have an idea- weird rash? itchy? strange small lumps/ lesions? burning when peeing? red utherea (where pee comes out)? unusual discharge?- DO not bother booking me- see a doctor, I will not provide service intentionally spreading disease is illegal.

Booking Hygine

wash properly- with exfoliating mits or scrubbing brush, soap etc you should be scrubbing your whole body, i f you go to the toilet you need to return to the shower and do it again. (yes i need to write this as I find culturally here as many men dont do properly). I know if you haven't- if you go to other countries like the ME you will see people dont smell in shops etc its because they wash correctly after the rest room- TP is not sufficent that is meant for drying only... Brush your teeth & Floss an hour or so before our appointment- then Use mouth was provided on arrival. Deoderant- you may not smell it but we can I recomened roll on clinical protect rexona mens. It works well & prevents bad smells. Trim- keep things tidy there, Im not going to choke..... Wash private areas properly- if you dont I will not see you eeekkk cringing if you have any symptoms of STD or STI- Go to a doctor as I will not see you intimately. We all have google. Guys go to a sexual health clinic, they can keep all your details seperate from your other health records so you can get tested . Do not rely on females to do it for you. I know plenty of 'normal everyday women' who see more men for unprotected 'tinder' outings than i see in safe protected clients in a year. I also know alot of women who think because they are in relationships they don't need to get tested, as its monogamous... and well we all know that's not always the case. Who is to say that she isn't doing the same thing. Get tested. Armarni gets tested, swabs, bloods & visual every 2-3 months & has a sexual health cert. Heatlh is Paramount. We should all know our status.

Reasons Armarni May Cease to Accept bookings from you

Armarni is pretty straight up and honest but to avoid being put on her list of Gentlemen she will not see again here is a few things she needs you to understand. Possessive behaviour is not tollerated. eg, messaging off multiple numbers pretending to be someone else when she is not responding to you. Asking who she is seeing, where & when she is going specificall (boundaries, my privacy & others- I will never tell you those things & asking concerns me). If it continues after Armarni confronts you & informs you she will not see you again she will inform authorities. Stalking is not tollerated- Armarni will go straight to the police Outing- is actually against the law as it can endanger her life she will go to Authorities, do not out an escort especially if you wouldn't like the favour returned. Tampering with Prophylics/ Sleathing- This is hugely illegal & in this profession lands you rape charges- if your into sleathing please understand Armarni uses the full force of the law against those who attempt such acts & well thats if your lucky- you just dont want to go there. You will regret it. Threatening Behaviour- If Armarni feels unsafe around you she will not see you.. Black mail- lol all the review board guys trying to get unsafe services & threatening bad reviews I'm looking at you- (yes this is what these guys do) please be warned Armarni is always 100 steps ahead of you, not only does she not really enjoy the company of said men (best not to tell her your a hobbyest thing lol ) but she has met a few 'respected' members who tried a few things like requesting Natural sex & when refused a tantrum was thrown & a negative review was threatened.. and well lets say, Armarni does have a Russian background & cyber intelligence is a thing. Armarni may look 'dumb' but that's a part of being smart- Don't go there. Keep requesting short notice- I have a less than 12 hours notice fee for a reason. I want you to give me notice- there is very few men I will see short notice & thats becuase we connect well, they live near by, they wouldn't care if i rocked up in my pjs & they compensate me well financially & with their amazing personalities. I dont live in Brisbane- don't ask for short notice it takes a minimum of 6 hours notice, I need to shower, do my hair make up etc and drive about 2 hours. think about it. If you keep asking for short notice Armarni will eventually ask you to see someone else who offers short notice. Keep asking me for photos/ videos- Heaps of girls have only fans or offer cam- I am not one of them. If you keep asking me even though your willing to compensate I will eventually tell you to see someone else.

Experience Info

Inclusions Information

In QUEENSLAND we are prohibited from providing service inclusions or providing some services or stating we provide them. Stating on my website what is included or mentioning some services via SMS or phone call can open up to entrapement as it is legal & practiced in QLD by LE. I understand some Gentlemen require inclusions lists for greater comprehension but please understand I do not provide a Tick off service I do like things to flow more naturally. If you seek a service List please include this request in your SMS or contact form. This list is descriptively vague in some areas, too protect my legalities. Some services may not be offered upon meeting. Hygine -including dental hygine is very important.

Dinner Date Information

Enjoy a delicious meal, movie or outing with Armarni then enjoy the sweetest of deserts, Armarni specializes in being the exotic woman and date of your dreams. Passionate Date's submerge you in a world of pleasure- warning Armarni is addictive and you may find yourself craving for more every time- Armarni will guide you into a realm of Pleasure as she Introduces you to a Date filled with authentic Passionate like no other. Armarni is renown for her authenticity and for being a sensual, compassionate and caring lover who knows exactly how to tempt you and please your inner man. She senses your desires and knows how to work your cravings to ensure you have the experience of a lifetime. Date's are great on the sunshine coast, and are not just limited to evening dinners out. Let's go to Australia zoo, Aquariums, shopping, DaySpa, picnic on Noosa river, lunch or dinner in Iconic Noosa Restaurant- or one of my favorite things to do let's explore the Hinterland on a day in Montville/ Maleny. Or if your here on holiday's & want to experience the best place In Aus, I will happily join you on a day trip too Fraser Island, It truly is magical there, be warned you will probably want to extend our stay- Swimming in stunning lakes, rainforests- spa baths & very passionate sex. More than just intimate time, a date opposed to a 'service' enables a more authentic, sensual encounter. For a little taste on how sweet life can be when your erotically involved with Armarni. Things to note:

  • Also No PDA for both our discretion.
  • Deposit via Beem it App or smart atm cash deposit is required for all bookings.
  • Shouldn't need to state this but apparently so- Costs of Dinner & activities are at your expense unless stated in a getaway package.
Please read etiquette page prior to contact.

Overnight & Extended Date Information

Overnight & Extended Companionship is Armarni's Specialty, captivating moments as the hands of time fade away, as there is so much time too socialize and play in the most erotic ways. On extended dates there is so much more flexibility, endless time and extra attentiveness. Armarni enjoys making the experience special for you- she can do all of the reservations and organizing to your tastes. Enjoy your time with strolls on the beach, cinema, spa baths, Events, Dining out or even netflix & chill. Of course all that happens behind closed doors will be the best part of the evening. Armarni's full lips and curvaceous hips will have you always wanting to have more of her Passionate embrace. When your so exhausted and cannot take anymore relax and enjoy your sleep with a curvaceous goddess by your side. Armarni is renown for her authenticity and for being a sensual, compassionate and caring lover who knows exactly how to tempt you and please your inner man. She senses your desires and knows how to work your cravings to ensure you have the experience of a lifetime. More than just intimate time, a date opposed to a 'service' enables a more authentic, sensual encounter. For a taste on how sweet life can be when your erotically involved with Armarni. Things to note:

  • Deposit via Beem it App, Preezee gift card or smart atm cash deposit is required for all bookings Promptly upon arranging booking.
  • Dinner/ activities are to be provided & paid for by the Gentleman
policies & information

Phone Consultations

A prepaid phone consultation before confirming a booking with Armarni chat with her about any of your concerns or ask any needed questions. If a booking is decided upon within the 15 minute consult Armarni will deduct $50 from your booking fee. This helps eliminate time wasters who just wish to engage in explicit phone chat but also provides the ability for you to chat to Armarni ask questions and hear her voice prior to paying a booking deposit. Pre Payments are made via Beem it or EGift card & bookings are essential as Armarni does not tend her phone while with company.
Armarni will contact you at her earliest availability to provide you with payment details & confirm. Please select phone Consultation on your Contact Form. Please include a time preference in the about you section- (remember it will not be short notice, Armarni is busy) up to 15 mins $50


Armarni offers Platonic Social Dates in Sunshine Coast via advance appointment. Social dates contain no physical/sexual intimacy and no Public Displays of Affection. It is merely two friends enjoying eachothers company in a Public Place. Costs of the Date are covered by the Gentleman additional too Armarni's Fee's. Social Dates are strictly Appointment only less than 12 hours notice incurs a $100 fee. Fee's are from 10am-5pm. 1 Hour Social Date $300 2 Hour Social Date- $500 4 Hour Social Date- $700 8 Hour Social Date- $900 Idea's for social Date's Sunshine Coast- Day trip to Fraser Island, Montville/Maleny lunch & explore, Aquarium, Theme park, Australia Zoo, Beaches, Picnic Botanical Gardens, Cinema's, Shopping, Art Galleries, walk along Noosa River, Pool Day at your accomodation, Hasting Street, Spa Day for 2, Skydiving, Arcades, Jett ski, Kayaking, Snorkling, Tours, Noosa National Park! Brisbane, cinemas, day to theme parks, lunch, movies, museums & tours, Botanical Gardens.

Location Specific Information

My fees & Incall/ Outcall availability will be dependant where I am when I am in: SUNSHINE COAST Outcalls Available Daily- 30 minute minimum Incalls- Require 24hrs notice- holidays/ peak periods will incur hosting surcharge* BRISBANE BNE Non Tour: Outcalls- 1 hour minimum- + $100 travel surcharge if booking is less than 4hrs duration *24hrs notice min Incalls 2 hour minimum + $100 travel surcharge * 24hrs notice minimum BNE Confirmed Hosting Tour: Outcalls- 1 hour minimum may incur a travel surcharge depending on location. Incalls- no surcharge 30 minute minimum TOUR LOCATIONS If I am touring I generally am hosting Incalls & do not have my car with me. Incalls No surcharge- 30 minute Minimum Outcalls Travel Surcharge *1 hr/ 2 hr minimum depending on duration from location.

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Holiday Packages

Holiday Packages inclusive of travel, companionship, activities, meals & accomodation. Let the stress of arranging things be taken from your shoulders & enjoy a hassle free Sexy Holiday