Introducing Amarni Bulkani

Quick Fact's

Age: 26 born 1994
Russian/ Egyptian (Australian born and citizen) but can tell I am not 'Aussie'- I have an accent & proud of it.
12 AUS- Body 100% natural with no enhancement surgery.
Natural DD
Body Type: 
Hourglass- Voluptuous, Thick, Curvy proportioned- 
Black, very Long
Green , almond shaped
​Body Hair
laser below & Under arms, so hair doesn't grow- shaved legs etc. 
Ears & belly button
Yes, view my photos
​Dietary:Vegetarian, I do not drink alcohol at all.
Habits:Non Smoker, Non Drinker, No Substances. 
​Hobbies &  likes: 
Linguistics,  writing, reading, art, dancing, cooking, exercise, music, making people laugh :P

Favourite Places (in Aus): Montville/Maleny, Fraser Island (day trips), Hamilton Island.

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Who I am & What I am About...

Again welcome, I am delighted you are taking the time to read about me-
I am Armarni Bulkani or in short for people who cannot say my last name Armarni B- a curvaceous woman of 27 years who is passionate and caring in nature. I am an Australian born Russian/Egyptian.I have been told I am the ' international man's delight' I came to learn that is due to my soft natural body, creamy white soft skin, natural large breasts and thick round natural booty. 
I am about creating authentic moments that are fondly remembered, I will not be treated with anything less than uttermost respect so return the same. I aim to make those who spend time with me feel as though they are appreciated, understood and cared for in a discreet and safe environment. 

Along side my many erotic qualities that gentlemen enjoy while spending time with me I am re-known for companionship and strong rapports for gentlemen looking for regular company. My personality is the most adored feature of mine from gentlemen I spend time with- the way I conduct myself, manners and personal values. How I make people feel & the intimacy I convey & how authentically that comes across.
I have a sensual and compassionate nature with a sense of humor and aims to make you feel special, cared for and to bring a smile to your face
I have been told I possess a very sexy voice with a varying cute accent due to my bilingual skills and hints of exotic background.
The way my hips move and my angelic shaped face generally gives this away my combination will enhance my uniqueness and I can guarantee you that you will never have a encounter as in depth and passionate as with me as long as you treat me right are generous and appreciate my worth you will have a very good time that you will remember for the rest of your life. 

I find I am a versatile companion and can be both dominate or submissive. This is a variant depending on the gentlemen and how comfortable i feel also I generally can tell what type of experience you crave and am naturally a pleaser.

I have uttermost respect for myself and value my sexual, physical, mental and emotional health. So in saying that i do not offer any bare or natural services i find it very rude and alarming when a gentleman I am barely acquainted with asks that as I believe you should value your health and take more care in who you engage in those intimate moments with.   I am also a non smoker, non drinker and also drug free. Please do not offer me, I do not mind you enjoying your night I just find offers of these substances disrespectful too me, I also live a very quiet life so do not welcome those under the influence or intoxicated into my home- This goes for clients and even my friends as I just do not enjoy that energy.

I do love coffee & herbal tea :P

I also like to add I am a vegetarian and do not like the feeling of 
soft drink bubbles on my tongue lol.

I love well cultured, well mannered gentlemen with fun and caring personalities. I do not enjoy egotistical or shallow men, I enjoy depth, individualism, good character and a sense of humor is very important. I adore the smell of cologne on a man I find so many intoxicating and orgasmic. In the bedroom I enjoy versatility and men who are comfortable in sharing their desires over time, knowing i have turned your erotic and intimate fantasies into a reality and satisfied all of you is what gives me my satisfaction.

Generosity, humbleness and self respect are things that I adore in many of the Gentlemen I have long relations with- I am not the type of girl who will be impressed or attracted to your car, if you have a Ferrari good for you- but a man who cares more about others and has humbleness and does not gloat are my preferred type of gentleman. A good personality is more valuable but they cannot be brought. Keep that in mind.

I am a different kind of woman, I am not impressed by a lot of things most girls are- in honesty I don't care for shopping, I am far from greedy and far from being materialistic, although I like to ensure I am well presented and would not leave my home without makeup, hair, nails and properly dressed (cultural thing)- I am not attracted to things , price-tags or objects- I like personality, individualism, culture, class and someone who stands up for what they believe in.

​Too many times I have met gentlemen who have to take me through a list of possessions they own to try to justify who they are and impress me- I am not interested in hearing about those things- I am interested in hearing about you, your dreams, goals, your ambitions and the things that you enjoy in your life. You do not need to show me bank statements- in-fact i advise against it. 

I am also a woman of structure, I like to have our dates planned, to ensure our time together goes as perfectly as possible, also so I can go to the hairdressers, get my nails and pedicure done and also to try and organize any lingerie requests and book our restaurants, accommodation or travel needs. For the best experience planning our time for a minimum of 24 hours is recommended. Rushing is not something I enjoy this is also why I prefer longer dates and overnights- Although I am a generous natured woman I am also a business woman, I am aware of my worth and I do not sell myself short. 

Let's plan our time together, i find anticipation involved leading up to a special date to be extremely exciting and enables me to be ready for our erotic encounter. Please ensure you read how to contact me, first impressions count I recommended using my contact form as it contains all of the questions I need answered before I will be able to answer questions in regards to my availability and please include as much about yourself as possible as I am selective who I spend my time with again no bank statements or list of possessions required lol just who you are as a person and what your looking for from our experience together . 

Hugs & Kisses 
Armarni Bulkani

Also feel free to connect with me Via Insta, twitter below in the footer - Or subscribe to my OnlyFans

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